10 Interesting Facts about GCU

Have you ever heard about GCU? Yup, a for-profit Christian research university will be explained on Facts about GCU. It is also known as Grand Canyon University. The college was started in 1949. It also become the largest four-year university with 48.650 students. Here are ten interesting facts about GCU.

Facts about GCU 1: The opportunities and services

A distance education program, study in the evening or weekend, study abroad programs are the opportunities which are provided by Grand Canyon University. Besides, you can get a full-time job after graduation.

Facts about GCU 2: The president of GCU

Brian Mueller is the president of Grand Canyon University since September 2012 until present. Approximately, he got salary $3,161,128 annually.

Brian Mueller
Brian Mueller

Facts about GCU 3: The academics

There are many colleges in the Grand Canyon University. They are College of Business, College of Education, College of Fine Arts and Productions, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions, College of Science, Engineering and Technology, College of Theology, and College of Doctoral Studies. Besides, Bachelor’s, Doctoral Degree, and Master’s are the programs in the Grand Canyon University.

Facts about GCU 4: The mascot and the color of GCU

Thunder the Antelope is the mascot of Grand Canyon University. Antelopes or Lopes is also the nickname of university. Whereas purple, black, and white are the colors of the university.

The mascot of GCU
The mascot of GCU

Facts about GCU 5: The building

There are 17 residence halls in the Grand Canyon University. Besides, Grand Canyon University also has an aquatics center, a cafe, bed dormitory, classroom facility, bowling alley, food court, coffee shop, and video game room.

Facts about GCU 6: Athletics in the GCU

There are many athletics in the Grand Canyon University, including volleyball, basketball, rugby, and lacrosse. Grand Canyon University also become the member of NCAA division.

Athletics in the GCU
Athletics in the GCU

Facts about GCU 7: The worker

Approximately, there are 335 full-time workers in the Grand Canyon University. Whereas the adjunct faculty is around 4200.

Facts about GCU 8: The GCU arena

We can use the Grand Canyon University arena to held the events, such as concerts due to it is a large arena. Besides, it also can be used as home for college’s women’s and men’s teams, and women’s volleyball games.

The GCU arena
The GCU arena

Facts about GCU 9: Rebuild campus

In the last decade, Grand Canyon University has been rebuild. Recreation center, arena for entertainment and baseball, a studio, new dorms, lecture halls, and new classroom design. There are many advantages of the rebuild campus for the students.

Facts about GCU 10: The dormitory

There are many dormitories in the Grand Canyon University. It can accomodate around 3,200 students and the room price is around $4,400 annualy. That is why you will feel cozy to place the dormitory.

The dormitory in the GCU
The dormitory in the GCU

We have talked Facts about GCU. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about GCU? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about GCU. Enjoy reading.

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