10 Interesting Facts about Garrett Morgan

Have you ever heard the 10 Interesting Facts about Garrett Morgan?Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – July 27, 1963) was an African American inventor and businessman as well as an influential political leader. Morgan’s most notable invention was a smoke hood. Morgan also discovered and developed a chemical hair-processing and straightening solution. He created a successful company based on the discovery along with a complete line of hair-care products.

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Facts about Garrett Morgan 1:Early life

Morgan was born in 1877 at Claysville, Harrison County, Kentucky, an almost exclusively African American community outside of Paris, Kentucky. His father was Sydney Morgan, a son and freed chattel slave of Confederate Colonel John H. Morgan of the infamous Morgan’s Raiders

Facts about Garrett Morgan 2:Career

                          Garrett Morgan

Most of his teenage years were spent working as a handyman for a Cincinnati landowner. Like many American children growing up in the turn of the century, Morgan had to quit school at a young age in order to work full-time. Morgan was able to hire a tutor and continue his studies while working in Cincinnati. In 1895, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he began repairing sewing machines for a clothing manufacturer

Facts about Garrett Morgan 3: Cleveland Association of Colored Men

The CLEVELAND ASSOCIATION OF COLORED MEN was organized in June 1908 by black business and professional men to improve economic and social conditions for their race. It grew out of a smaller, more elite organization called the Cleveland Board of Trade (est. 1905)

Facts about Garrett Morgan 4The Smoke Hood

A smoke hood is a protective device similar in concept to a gas mask. A translucent airtight bag seals around the head of the wearer while an air filter held in the mouth connects to the outside atmosphere and is used to breathe.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 5:Hair Care Products

Morgan experimented with a liquid that gave sewing machine needles a high polish that prevented the needle from scorching fabric as it sewed. In 1905, Morgan accidentally discovered that the liquid could also straighten hair.He made the liquid into a cream and launched the G. A. Morgan Hair Refining Company to market it. He also made a black hair oil dye and invented a curved-tooth comb for hair straightening in 1910.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 6: Lake Erie Tunnel Explosion

         Lake Erie Tunnel Explosion


He led a rescue that saved several men’s lives after a July 24, 1916 tunnel explosion under Lake Erie. Morgan personally made four trips into the tunnel during the rescue, and his health was affected for years afterward from the fumes he encountered there.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 7:Traffic Light

The first American-made automobiles were introduced to consumers just before the turn of the twentieth century, and pedestrians, bicycles, animal-drawn wagons and motor vehicles all had to share the same roads. He filed a patent after taking a copywriting course blog, this for traffic control device having a third “warning” position in 1922.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 8: The Cleveland Call

Morgan, in 1920, founded the Cleveland Call, a weekly newspaper and, in 1938, subsequently participated in its merger that created the Cleveland Call and Post newspaper.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 9: Prince Hall Freemason

Prince Hall Freemasonry is a branch of North American Freemasonry founded by Prince Hall on September 29, 1784 and composed predominantly of African Americans.Morgan was a member of the Prince Hall Freemason fraternal organization.

Facts about Garrett Morgan 10:Awards and Recognitions

                                     Garrett Morgan Awards


At the Emancipation Centennial Celebration in Chicago, Illinois, in August 1963 (one month after his death), Morgan was nationally recognized.In the Cleveland, Ohio area, the Garrett A. Morgan Cleveland School of Science and the Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant have been named in his honor. An elementary school in Chicago was also named after him.

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