10 Interesting Facts about Gallipoli War

Have you ever heard about Gallipoli War? Facts about Gallipoli War will inform you about the battle of World War 1 that took place on the Turkish Peninsula of Gallipoli. The war happened on April 25, 1915 until January 9, 1916 in the Ottoman Empire. Besides, the Gallipoli War is also known as the Battle of Gallipoli or the Battle of Canakkale and the Dardanelles Campaign. Here are ten interesting facts about Gallipoli War.

Facts about Gallipoli War 1: Gallipoli

Maybe, we are going to think that Gallipoli is a name of town, but that is totally wrong. Because Gallipoli is a region.

Facts about Gallipoli War 2: Naval attack

Naval attack is the first attack on the Gallipoli war. It happened on February 19 and the attack succeeded. However, the negotiations with Germany was stopped by Bulgaria.

Naval attack
Naval attack

Facts about Gallipoli War 3: The reason of Gallipoli War

Helping the Russians and breaking the stalemate on the Eastern Front and Western are the reason of the campaign.

Facts about Gallipoli War 4: Alan John Percival Taylor

Alan John Percival Taylor is a British historian who wrote something in the Gallipoli War. His writing said that the expedition of Gallipoli was a terrible example to be an strategical idea due to there is no enough preparation and drive.

Alan John Percival Taylor
Alan John Percival Taylor

Facts about Gallipoli War 5: Who fought in Gallipoli War?

The Allies, the British Empire, and Frence fought against the Ottoman Empire and Germany in the Gallipoli War.

Facts about Gallipoli War 6: Anzac Day

Every year, we celebrated Anzac Day on April 25 since 1916 and it become a public holiday in 1927. Anzac Day is aimed to honour all of the people who have participated in the wars.

Anzac Day
Anzac Day

Facts about Gallipoli War 7: ANZACs

ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) become the volunteers on the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, 1915 and known as Anzac Cove. There are many people of ANZACs who lost their live during Gallipoli War and there are around 23,500 wounded people during the war.

Facts about Gallipoli War 8: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The Turkish defenders was led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is also a hero of Turks. After that, he became the first president after the end of the war. Besides, the tribute of the died soldiers was paid by him.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Facts about Gallipoli War 9: The labor leader

There are many labor leader who support the Australian National Defence League, such as John Christian Watso (Scottish), Billy Hughes who born in London, Andrew Fisher (Scottish), and Joseph Cook.

Facts about Gallipoli War 10: The death people of Gallipoli War

There are many people who died in the Gallipoli War from many country. They are 15.000 French, 43.000 British, 2.700 New Zealands, 8.700 Australians, and 1.370 Indians. Besides, there are also wounded people of Australia (19,441), New Zealand (4,852), Britain (52,230), and France (17,000).

The death people of Gallipoli War
The death people of Gallipoli War

We have talked facts about Gallipoli War. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about Gallipoli War. Hopefully, this article will help you to know  more about Gallipoli War. Enjoy reading.

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