10 Interesting Facts about Galileo

Have you ever heard about Galileo? Do you know who is he? Facts about Galileo will inform you about an Italian scientist, mathematician, astronomers, philosopher, inventor, and physicist. He was born on February 15, 1564 in Pisa, Italy and died on January 8, 1642 in Tuscany, Italy. He invented the improved telescopes, the compass, and a thermometer. Here are ten interesting facts about Galileo.

Facts about Galileo 1: Early Life

Vicenzo Galilei and Guilia Ammannati are the parents of Galileo. His father worked as a music teacher. He is also a famous musician. Besides, Galileo has five siblings but only three of his siblings can survive. They lived in Pisa, Italy together with their parent. However, Galileo and his family moved to the Florence when he was ten years old.

Facts about Galileo 2: His inventions

As we know that telescope was found by inventor from Holland in 1609. However, Galileo made his own telescope and improved it to be used to see far into space. Many Europe used the telescope from Galileo’s version.

Galileo's telescope
Galileo’s telescope

Facts about Galileo 3: Education

Galileo studied at the Camaldolese monastery, Florence. He is a smart student and a great musician. Actually, Galileo wanted to be a doctor. That is why he studied medicine in the university of Pisa i 1581. Unfortuately, he did not cotinue his study in medicine due to he has decided to study mathematic and physics.

Facts about Galileo 4: Sunspots

Sunspots are dark spots which appear on the sun’s surface. It is happened because the magnetic activity. Besides, sunspots were also observed by Galileo.


Facts about Galileo 5: His discoveries

There are many discoveries of Galileo, including the law of pendulum, law of gravity, basic principle of relativity, jupiter’s moons, heliocetric theory, sunspots, and the milky way.

Facts about Galileo 6: Jupiter’s moons

With his telescope, Galileo can discover the jupiter’s moons. On January 7, 1610 he saw the moons for the first time. Lo, Europa, and Ganymede are the name of Jupiter’s moons. After that, he saw another moon on January 10 (three days later) which was named Callisto. All of the moons were named “Medicean Stars” and changed to be “Galilean Satelite”.

Jupiter's moons
Jupiter’s moons

Facts about Galileo 7:  His children

Galileo has three children (two daughter and a son) with Marina Gambia. Although they never married.

Facts about Galileo 8: Heliocentric Theory

Heliocentric theory means that the center of solar system is sun, not the earth. He proved that the objects in the solar system such as planets, stars, moons, etc revolved around the sun. Galileo proved that theory used his telescope.

Heliocentric Theory
Heliocentric Theory

Facts about Galileo 9: The other names of Galileo

The father of modern physic, the father of modern science, and the  father of modern observational astronomy are the other names of Galileo.

Facts about Galileo 10: Galileo’s telescope

As we know that we can see the Galileo’s telescope in the Istituto a Museo di Storia della Scienza in Italy. There are two telescopes and objectives lenses.

Galileo's telescope in the Istituto a Museo di Storia della Scienza in Italy
Galileo’s telescope in the Istituto a Museo di Storia della Scienza in Italy

We have talked facts about Galileo. Do you know other facts about it?

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