10 Interesting Facts about Friendship

Do you have friends or bestfriends? Are you happy to have them in your life? Having a relationship with a friend will be explained on Facts about Friendship. As we know that sometimes people will feel alone, if they do not have friend to play with. That is why a friend is very important in our life. Besides, a friend can help your problem and encourages you to make the best choice in your life. Whereas a bestfriend is a strong relationship of friendship. Kind, honest, loyal, and generous are the characteristics of bestfriend, if you want to become better at relationships using your angel number 2 could be the best choice for this. Here are ten interesting facts about friendship.

Facts about Friendship 1: A lifetime friendship

Psychologist said that friendship will last a lifetime when it lasts longer than seven years.

Facts about Friendship 2: The benefits of having friends

There are some benefits of having friends, such as reduces stress, reduces depression, live longer, and certainly makes you happy. Besides, friendship are also good for your heart and soul.

Having friends make you happy
Having friends make you happy

Facts about Friendship 3: The difficulties to make friend

Sometimes we get difficulties to make friend because of some reasons. However, you can try your best to do it. When you are at school, just tell to your teacher to make you involve in many school activities.

Facts about Friendship 4: Good friends

There are many things to make a good friend, including trusting each other, listening each other, respecting each other, having fun together, sharing each other, and keeping the friendship. Besides, good friend always give advices for friends.

Good friends
Good friends

Facts about Friendship 5: Be friendly

Smile and be friendly are the ways to make you get a friend. Do not be arrogant!

Facts about Friendship 6: Great social network

Having great social network of friends is very helpful for someone who faced illnesses due to the support of them. Besides, in prolonging life great social network is more important than close family relatives.

Great social network
Great social network

Facts about Friendship 7: Forgive each other

Certainly, we ever fight with our friend, but do not be selfish. We have to say sorry and forgive each other. Besides, it will help you to keep your friendship.

Facts about Friendship 8: International Friendship Day

The beatles song (With a Little Help From My Friends) was released in the celebration of the 10th  International Friendship Day in 1967.

International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day

Facts about Friendship 9: Animals also have friends

We think that animals do not have a friend, except with the same species. However, that is wrong. Elephant, chimpanzees, dolphins, baboons, hyenas, horses, and bats are animals that have relationship as friend.

Facts about Friendship 10: Friendship will make happy marriages

According to John Gottman, deep friendship will make happy marriages. It means people that becomes a friend before got married will happy. Because they know each other well and keep anger from beyond control.

Friendship will make happy marriages
Friendship will make happy marriages


We have talked facts about friendship. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other facts about friendship? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about friendship.

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