10 Interesting Facts about French Culture

Have you ever visited France? Do you know about French culture? Facts about French Culture will inform you about fashion, cuisine, religion, art and architecture, entertainment, and more. Paris is the capital city of France and becomes the high culture center in Europe. There are many beautiful art at there. Besides, France being a symbol of romantic country. The other facts about French Culture will be explained below.

Facts about French Culture 1: French Food

As we know that all of French foods become popular all over the world, such as cheeses, wines, creepes, macarons, and more. Meat, cheeses, and vegetables are the French main dishes. Whereas for breakfast, French usually eat bread or croissant. Besides, snails, horse meat, and frogs’ leg are eaten in French.

Facts about French Culture 2: French Clothing

Simple and long white dress with brightly coloured is the costume of women in French. Whereas costume of men consist of jacket, trousers, and shirt. They always wear white color which is made of cotton or silk. Besides, dark colors were also worn by them. However, today’s French clothing is very luxurios. There are many popular brands at there, such as Yves St, Chanel, Coco Chanel, Dior, Hermes, etc.

The modern French clothes
The modern French clothes

Facts about French Culture 3: Holidays and celebrations in Frence

Bastille Day is the most important holidays in French which is celebrated on July 14 with dances, fireworks, parades, and festivals. Besides, freedom and democracy are the symbols of Bastille Day. Whereas Labor Day and Victory in Europe Day were celebrated to commemorate the end of World War II on May 1 and 8. Besides, Christmas and Easter are the traditional Christian holidays.

Facts about French Culture 4: France’s animals

Deer, vultures, bears, wolves, ibex, and beavers are the France’s animals which are live in the mountains of France.

Facts about French Culture 5: French children’s games

La semaine is the outdoor game in French. The game is played by two or more children, even alone. Chrocoal and stone are the tools to play the game.

Facts about French Culture 6: Music and Dance

Music and dance are being the important parts of French culture, especially classical music.

Facts about French Culture 7: Language

French is the official language in France, followed by German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Basque, and Catalan.

Facts about French Culture 8: The greetings in France

As we know that greetings are very important in our daily life. It is also happened in France, such as shake hands or kissing on the cheeks. Shake hand is always done by French people when they meet someone. Whereas kissing on the cheeks is done with friends and family.

French greeting
French greeting

Facts about French Culture 9: Religion

The main religion of France is catolicism. Approximately, 64 percent of people are Roman Catholic, 7.5 percent are Muslim, 310,000 Jewish, 30,000 Hindus, and 280,000 Buddhists.

Facts about French Culture 10: French art

There are many wonderful art in France, including Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Mary Cassatt. They are located in the Louvre (the largest museums in the world).

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa


We have talked facts about French Culture? Are you interested to read this article?

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