10 Interesting Facts about French Cuisine

The popular food in the world will be explained on Facts about French Cuisine. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes at French. Michelin Guide Rounge is the most famous and successful restaurant at there. As you know that French cuisine is hard to make. That is why we need a lot of time to make it. Besides, French cuisine is known with the expensive price. Here are ten interesting facts about French Cuisine.

Facts about French Cuisine 1: Bon Appetit

Bon appetit is words that usually French said before eating. It means a good appetit for everybody who will enjoy the meal.

Facts about French Cuisine 2: Crepes

Have you ever eaten crepes? Is that sweet, right? Yup, we can find crepes all over the world. As you know that the birthplace of crepes is Frence. There are two kinds of crepes, savoury and sweet crepes. Savoury is usually filled with cheese and ham, whereas the sweet ones is usually filled with chocolate cream, marmalade, or sugar. Besides, crepes can be found on every street corner in France. If you want to make crepes at home, you can find the kitchen products you’ll need at Kitchenbar.

French crepes
French crepes

Facts about French Cuisine 3: Horse meat

We are going to shock if we see horse meat in our menu. But it will be different when you are in French. Because horse meat is very normal in the French menu.

Facts about French Cuisine 4: Cheese

French really love cheese. That is why French becomes the largest cheese consumers all over the world. There are many 350 kinds of cheese in Frence, such as camembert, brie, and roquefort.

French cheeses
French cheeses

Facts about French Cuisine 5: A traditional menu of French Christmas

Smoked salmon, raw oysters, foiz gras champagne, scallops, and escargots are the traditional menu of Frech Christmas.

Facts about French Cuisine 6: Macarons

As you know that French macarons are very delicious. Macarons are sweet cookies filled with butter cream. There are many colors of macarons, such as pink (raspberry), yellow (lemon or vanilla), blue (blueberry), brown (chocolate), and green (pistachio). The taste of macarons can be distinguished by the colors.

French Macarons
French Macarons

Facts about French Cuisine 7: Croissants

French usually had a breakfast with croissant. However, it is also can be eaten for lunch with ham or cheese inside.

Facts about French Cuisine 8: Ratatouille and Frech Onion Soup

Ratatouille and Frech Onion Soup are the famous French dishes. Ratatouille is a stew of vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants or aubergines, pepper, zucchini or courgettes, onion, and garlic. Whereas French onion soup is made from melted cheese, onion, and bread.


Facts about French Cuisine 9: Buoillabaisse

Buoillabaisse is a stew of seafood. Shellfish, vegetables, fresh bony fish, mussels, olive oil, and herb are the ingredients of Buoillabaisse.

Facts about French Cuisine 10: Wine

The first biggest consumers of alcohol is Luxembourg and the second is French. Wine becomes the important part of the meal at there. Besides, French usually enjoy the wine with their family. People are legal for drinking wine at the age of 18. If you’re a wine lover, read these wine fridge tips to elongate the life of your fridge as well as protect your wine.

French wine
French wine


We have talked facts about French. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about French?



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