10 Interesting Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The 32nd president of America in 1933 will be explained on Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On January 30, 1882, he was born in Hyde Park, New York and he was from wealthy family. His parents are James Roosevelt Jr. (landowners and businessmen) and Sara Ann Delano. Family of Franklin called him as Frank, whereas American known him by his initials “FDR”. Here are ten interesting facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1: His wife and kids

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife. They married on March 17, 1905 and have six children. They are James, John Aspinwall, Anna Eleanor Jr., Elliott, and Franklin Delano Jr. His wife liked to be called “Eleanor”, her middle name than first name.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2: Education

Groton Boarding School, Harvard College, and Columbia Law School are his education. Whereas his career are Lawyer, Politician, and Statesman.

Franklin D. Roosevelt in Harvard Collage
Franklin D. Roosevelt in Harvard Collage

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 3: His presidency

Franklin D. Roosevelt became president when he was 51 years old. He was the only president which elected four times and served more than two terms. United States was led by him through the Great Depression and World War II. Besides, the vice presidents were Garner and Wallace.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 4: The New Deal

A series progams of national recovery in the United States were called New Deal, including Social Security, FDIC, Civilian Conservation Corps, new power plants, aid for farmers, laws to improve working conditions, and SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). They were enacted in 1933 and 1938. Relief (unemployed and poor), Recovery (economy to normal levels), and Reform (financial system) were the motto of this program.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 5: Before Franklin became president

Franklin gave up because his illnesses. However he can get up from his condition because the strength from his wife. He continued his political career and law. Then, he became Governor of New York (two terms) and became president in the 1932.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 6: Illnesses

Hypertension, cyst, haemorrhoids, and angina were the illnesses which was suffered by Franklin D Roosevelt. He suffered a paralytic illness after his marriage on August 16, 1921 due to polio.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 7: World War II

Roosevelt became president in the third term in 1940 and joined the World War II in 1941. He promised that he would keep the United States from the war before Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan. Then, the war was declared by him.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 8: The greatest presidents

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the greatest presidents in America. Because he could solve the problem of America’s great depression.

The greatest presidents in America
The greatest presidents in America

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 9: Franklin D. Roosevelt  will be remembered

The Great Depression, The New Deal, and The Second World War were the events that can make the residents of U.S remembered him.

Facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt 10: The death of Franklin

On April 12, 1945, Roosevelt (63 years old) died during the fourth term of his presidency at the Little White House (Warm Springs, Georgia). His death because of cerebral hemorrhage and “I have a terrible headache” was the last words that Roosevelt said. Besides, Rose Garden (Hyde Park, New York) was the location where he was buried. In Washington D.C, American remembered Roosevelt with a National Memorial.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's grave
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s grave


We have talked facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Do you know other facts about him?



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