10 Interesting Facts about Frankenstein

The English-language Gothic horror book which is written by Mary Shelley will be explained on Facts about Frankenstein. At age 18, she wrote Frankenstein in 1816 and published it when she was 20 years old. Frankenstein is the scary and interesting novel about young scientist, Victor Frankenstein. That is why there are many producers who want to adopt it to be film. Here are ten interesting facts about Frankeinstein.

Facts about Frankenstein 1: The story of Frankenstein

Have you ever read Frankenstein? What is your opinion? Is it interesting, right? Frankenstein tells about a scientist, named Victor Frankenstein who creates a monster from parts of dead bodies which is stolen from the graveyard. Then, they was existed again using electricity and thunderclap.

Facts about Frankenstein 2: The competition

As you know that the idea of Frankenstein novel came from the competition. Shelly and friends (Byron, Percy, and John Polidori) read Fantasmagoriana book (ghost stories) together while they were visiting Switzerland. Then, Byron had an idea to have a competition who could make the best ghost story. Of course, the winner is Mary Shelly with her Frankenstein novel. Although her friend had been finished a ghost story.

Mary Shelly
Mary Shelly

Facts about Frankenstein 3:  The people who involved in the competition

Mary Shelley, John William Polidori, Pecry Shelley, and Byron were the people who involved in the competition.

Facts about Frankenstein 4: The idea of Frankenstein came from a dream

Mary got her ideas to write the ghost story from her dream. When she woke up from a nightmare, she believed that her dream will terrify others. Then, she told her dream to another, especially her boyfriend (Percy). He encouraged Mary to transform her dream into a novel. That is why Frankenstein becomes the greatest novels.

Facts about Frankenstein 5: The shadow of tragedy

Mary’s child, named Clara died six weeks later after her birth. After that, Mary wrote a journal about the death of her child. That is why Frankenstein was written in the shadow of this tragedy.

Facts about Frankenstein 6: Frankenstein was not the moster

Many people thought that Frankenstein is a monster. Although the novel tells that frankenstein is the name of scientist and the moster is no name. It is just called as monster, demon, wretch, being, it, vile insect, or creature. However, there are many films or stories that still used Frankenstein for the monster’s name.

Facts about Frankenstein 7: The name of Frankenstein

Shelley claimed that Frankenstein’s name came from her dream. Although a historian, Rady Florescu said that Shelleys ever visited Castle Frankenstein on the journey to the Rhine River. Besides, Frankenstein means stone of the Franks (Castle Frankenstein) in Germany.

Facts about Frankenstein 8: Anonymously

In 1818, the first edition of Frankenstein was published anonymously. In the preface, the novel was only dedicated to Mary’s father and Percy Shelley. Then, in the second edition Mary added her name in 1823.

The first edition of Frankenstein
The first edition of Frankenstein

Facts about Frankenstein 9: The first science fiction novel

Frankenstein became the first major science fiction novel which was written by Shelley, followed by Roger Dodsworth: The Reanimated Englishman (short story), and The Last Man (novel).

Facts about Frankenstein 10: Frankenstein movie

Thomas Edison is the first producer that made the movie of Frankenstein in 1910. It becomes the first horror movies and discovered in the 1950s.

Frankenstein movie by Thomas Edison
Frankenstein movie by Thomas Edison


We have talked facts about Frankenstein. Are you interested to read this article?

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