10 Interesting Facts about Forces

Push or pull on an object will be explained on Facts about Forces. We use force to pull or push on something which can make them change their shape or motion, remain in place, accelerate, move, and slow down. Sir Isaac Newton was the first scientist that learned about force and gravity. Three laws that still existed were created by him and called as Newton’s 3 laws of motion. Besides, there are many types of forces, including friction, gravity, electromagnetic, nuclear, tension, elastic, and more. Gravity and magnetic are the two natural forces. Here are ten interesting facts about forces.

Facts about Forces 1: Gravity force

Gravity belongs to natural force. It pulls objects toward the Earth. Besides, the Earth is also kept by gravity. That is why everything on earth will fly into space without gravity.

Facts about Forces 2: Magnetic force

Opposite ends of two magnets will be pulled by magnetic force when they come together. Whereas the matching ends will push away.

Magnetic force
Magnetic force

Facts about Forces 3: Friction

Have you ever rubbed your hands together? Are your hands warm? Rubbing hands together is one of the example of friction. Our hands become warmer due to friction generates the heat.

Facts about Forces 4: An example of push force

Have you ever pushed your friend on a swing? What did you feel? Pushing a friend on a swing is also use force. The swing will move in the direction of the push. Whereas pushing harder will make the swing goes fast.

An example of push force
An example of push force

Facts about Forces 5: An example of pull force

An example of pull is when you are pulling the door. It will be opened, if you pull it harder. But, the door will not open if you pull it lightly. That is why pulling something is also use force.

Facts about Forces 6: An example of pressure force

Weight applied force in pressure something. For example when you are walking in snow, the pressure of your weight (feet) will leave footprints on it.

An example of pressure force
An example of pressure force

Facts about Forces 7: Inertia

If pull, push, and pressure belong to force, not for inertia. It is something that has weight or mass and will slow down because the weight. The larger something (elephant) has more inertia than the small one (caterpillar).

Facts about Forces 8: The formula

You can calculate the force using the formula from Newton’s Second Law of Motion. The formula is (f = m * a)

f = force, m = mass, and a = acceleration.

The formula of force
The formula of force

Facts about Forces 9: Newton

Newton is the unit to measure force, followed by dyne and the pound-force. “N” is abbreviation of Newton.

Facts about Forces 10: Newton’s 3 laws of motion

As we know that Newton’s 3 laws of motion was created by Isaac Newton. It was published on Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis in 1687. The first law of motion says that a body in motion will stay in motion. Whereas a body at rest will will stay at rest. The second law says that the speed or direction of the body will change if a force acts on that body. Whereas the third law says that there is an equal or opposite reaction for every force and action. It is the best Newton’s laws.

Newton’s 3 laws of motion
Newton’s 3 laws of motion


We have talked Facts about Forces. Do you know other facts about forces?

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