10 Interesting Facts about Food We Eat

Facts about Food We Eat will inform you about fruit, vegetable, chocolate, grain, etc. As we know that foods are very important in our daily life. Without food, we are going to die because we cannot eat. Besides, healthy food is needed for our body, such as fruit, vegetable, milk, etc. Whereas junkfood, you have to avoid them as you can. The other facts about food we eat will be explained below.

Facts about Food We Eat 1: Different food

As we know that every country has different local cuisine, such as cheese (Frence), hummus (Middle East), roast meat and vegetables (England), apple pie (USA), tortillas (Mexico), and curry (India). Economic, social, religious, and culture influence the different food of every country.

Facts about Food We Eat 2: The popular vegetables and fruits in the world

Spinach, onions, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, potatoes, and asparagus are the popular vegetables in the world. Whereas the  popular fruits are oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, pears, peaches, and apricots.

The popular vegetables and fruits in the world
The popular vegetables and fruits in the world

Facts about Food We Eat 3: The methods

As we know that food we eat need effort to get. We have to go to the market to buy some vegetable, meat, etc, then cook them. However, we need some methods to get food, including fishing, gardening, farming, foraging, and hunting. You can find recipes and reviews for kitchen products at Spice Kitchen and Bar.

Facts about Food We Eat 4: Animals for food

As we know that many people in the world eat meat from different animals, including chicken meat, sheep meat, cow meat, pig meat, horse meat (Britain), and dolphin meat (Japan). Besides, we also consume the eggs (chicken), honey (bee), and milk (cow) from animals. Approximately, 1,776 animals are killed for food by humans every second.

Meat of different animals
Meat of different animals

Facts about Food We Eat 5: Healthy food

According to this vitamin article, the body of human needs healthy food which make the body strong and healthy. Besides, our body also needs energy to help us to do many activities. We can get vitamins, protein, fats, minerals, and fibers from foods such as vegetable, fruit, grain, milk, meat, and other category.

Facts about Food We Eat 6: Cauliflower

Orange, purple, white, and green are the colors of cauliflower, although white is the common color. It belongs to the family of cabbage or brocolli and contains of vitamin C. That is why many people give their children cauliflower to make the body grow healthy.


Facts about Food We Eat 7: Ketchup

Where we find ketchup, we also find sauce. We can add ketchup in our meatball, noodle, fried rice, and also many food which can make our food sweet. However, in the 1800’s ketchup was used as medicine to treat diarrhea.

Facts about Food We Eat 8: Lemons

As you know that lemons are healthy? Yes, lemons belong to the healthiest foods in the world based on te Fitness Magazine and contain of vitamin C. By drinking fresh lemon mixed with water every morning can clean the liver, weight loss, and boost the immunity. Also, check out this one stop shop for autoimmune x products.


Facts about Food We Eat 9: Apples, potatoes, and onion

Apples, potatoes, and onion belong to different food. However, they have same taste. Do you believe it? No, let us try by pinch your nose while eating them one by one.

Facts about Food We Eat 10: Honey

There are many benefits of honey, including for medicine, beauty, and food. Honey also belongs to the food that never go bad and rot in the world.



We have talked facts about Food We Eat. Do you know other facts about food?



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