10 Interesting Facts about Food Production

Facts about Food Production will inform you about the process of making food. As we know that food we eat comes from raw ingredients that need some process to be food products. There are two kinds of food production, including industries and home food production. Food production industry convert the raw food products into marketable food items, whereas home food production convert them into products for long-term storage. To buy a Vending machine contact Royal Vending. The other facts about food production will be explained below.

Facts about Food Production 1: The methods of food production

Canning, fermenting, and pickling are the methods of food production. They are usually used in the traditional food production or industries. As you know that canning is the popular method of food production in the 19th century.

Facts about Food Production 2: Foods made processed in factories

Milk, snack, breads, crackers, biscuits, soda drinks, meat are the examples of food which is processed in factories.

Food factory
Food factory

Facts about Food Production 3: Where does food come from?

Food can be got from farming, fishing, and gardening. We can get fresh food through those method. However, the food that has been produced in factory also make people interested. Because it is more simple to buy food in the supermarket than in the farmer, gardener, or fisherman.

Facts about Food Production 4: The differences food from farmer and factory

It is really different when we eat food from factory and farmer. Apple is one of the example of raw material that directly can be eaten (come from farming). Whereas the food that you buy in a box, can, or packet is processed in the factory.

Facts about Food Production 5: Good foods

As we know that foods come from farming, gardening, and fishing are more healthy than food from factory. Especially organic food, such as vegetables (broccoli, chard, carrots, pumpkin), fruits (orange, apple), pulses (peas, beans), and oily fish.

Facts about Food Production 6: Food preparation

As we know that we need food preparation after buying the food in the supermarket or farmer. The  important part of food preparation is cooking. The texture, appearance, nutritional properties, and flavor of food will change after they are cooked. We also need some equipment such as gas cooktop with downdraft, frying pans, microwaves, pots, ovens, and toasters. Besides, the various cooking methods that can be applied are steaming, boiling, simmering, sautéing, deep-frying, and pan frying.

Facts about Food Production 7: The production we need

Approximately, 974 calories per day are produced by the world to keep up the growth of population. It is really  skyrocketing.

Facts about Food Production 8: Modern technology

Modern technologies such as trucks and airplanes are used to transport the food. Besides, farmer also uses modern machines in the ricefield.

Modern technology in agriculture
Modern technology in agriculture

Facts about Food Production 9: The use of water in the food production

Water plays an important role in the food production. It is around 70% of water is used in the global food production in the world.

Facts about Food Production 10: The employee

There are 30.7% people in the world work in the food production.

The employee
The employee

We have talked facts about Food Production. Do you know other facts about food production?


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