10 Interesting Facts about Folk Music

A music that is sung by societies will be explained on Facts about Folk Music. Folk music is also known as a traditional music, because it is related with the culture in the society. Folk music is usually accompanied by dance and sung in the social events or social gatherings. Actually, we do not know who is the composer of folk music until now due to it is transmitted orally from mouth to mouth. It means that people was listening first, then copying the music. Every country has its own folk music and it is different from the other one, such as English folk music, Scottish folk music, Welsh folk music, Irish folk music, American folk music, South American folk music, Polish folk music, Hungarian folk music, Russian folk music, Chinese folk music, Australian Aboriginal folk music, etc. Here are ten interesting facts about folk music.

Facts about Folk Music 1: Interesting music

Folk music belongs to the type of interesting music. Because by listening the folk music of a country, we can know or learn the culture of its country. On the other hand, if we sing a folk music from our country. We can feel the emotions of the lyric or music. The best instruments for beginners tend to be those that are in a low price range but are made well enough to encourage the student to play. If you’re looking for advice on how to buy your first instrument, visit https://nt-instruments.com.

Facts about Folk Music 2: Simple music

Folk music is a kind of simple music. It is just sung by ordinary people, not musicians. The instrument is very nice and the music is harmonious. That is why it is pleasant to listen and dance. Sticks, simple drum, fiddle or a good starter violin, harp, bagpipes, zither are examples of simple intruments of it. String instruments’ beauty and simplicity is a factor. Tips for string players can help you learn more about them. You can learn more about music and instruments on this blog published on Music Matters.

Simple instuments of folk music
Simple instuments of folk music

Facts about Folk Music 3: Sound similar folk music

Have you ever heard similar folk music? Yes, there are some country that has similar folk music. Because people make or change their folk music and get the idea based on the folk music that has been existed (nearby country). That is why sometimes we heard the similar folk music.

Facts about Folk Music 4: The main purpose of folk music

The main purpose of folk music is to keep the tradition of each culture due to it is usually performed as a custom.

Facts about Folk Music 5: Polyphonic

Folk music can be sung by two or more singers (Polyphonic) and one singer.  Russia is an example country that sang folk music by three or four voices and Britain are the country that use one singer to sing folk music.

Facts about Folk Music 6: Folk music can be sung by everyone

Everybody can join to sing folk music, such as cowboys, farmer, slaves, etc.

Facts about Folk Music 7: The importance of folk music

Folk music is very important for society because it contains of message and can make people held assembly together. It also brings the tradition from generation to another. That is why it is good for community and culture.

Facts about Folk Music 8: Ballads

Ballads were kind of folk music which told a story about myths and love. They belong to popular folk music. Besides, the story told from one generation to the other generations.

American ballads
American ballads

Facts about Folk Music 9: The origin of folk music

Thomas Percy (Britain), Gottfried von Herder (Germany) are the first people who began to publish folk song to society, followed by Cecil Sharp (England) and the United States.

Facts about Folk Music 10: Dance of folk music

As we know that folk music usually were accompanied by dance. Jig, hornpipe, ceili from Ireland, ceilidh from Scotland, reel, waltzes, and polkas are some dances of folk music.

Folk dance
Folk dance


We have talked facts about Folk Music? Do you know other facts about folk music?



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