10 Interesting Facts about Fog

Have you ever seen fog? Yes, Facts about Fog will inform you about clouds on the ground. Cloud that is created by high level of fog called stratus. Fog happened because droplets of water that lay in the air. Location, temperature, atmosphere, and weather can influence the thickness of fog. Besides, fog can make the people hard to see (less than 1 km). There are many types of fog, including radiation fog, evaporation fog, upslope fog, and advection fog. The other facts about fog will be explained below.

Facts about Fog 1: Radiation Fog

Radiation fog is made up of cooling land that makes the air above the land becomes cooled. Then, it downs to be dew point which makes water vapor becomes solid.

Facts about Fog 2: Advection fog

Advection fog is formed by warm air passes the cool surface and the wind blew it up until becomes dew point.

The process of Advection fog
The process of Advection fog

Facts about Fog 3: Upslope fog

Upslope fog occurs when warm air passes the slope of a mountain and the dew point condenses into fog.

Facts about Fog 4: Evaporation fog

Evaporation fog is also called as steam fog. Evaporation fog is formed by water vapor that enters air in the pressure of maximum vapor.

The process of Evaporation fog
The process of Evaporation fog

Facts about Fog 5: Grand Banks

Grand Banks, Canada is the world’s foggiest place, followed by Newfoundland, Argentia, California, and Point Reyes (200 foggy days a year).

Facts about Fog 6: The dangers of fog

As we know that fog can reduce visibility of human due to it covers the surface areas. It also causes accidents for aeroplanes, boats, and automobiles. The way to reduce the dangers of it, you have to stop to do something until passes the fog.

The danger of driving in the fog
The danger of driving in the fog

Facts about Fog 7: Fog shadow

As humas, fog also has shadow. Humans usually create shadow under the light, whereas fog makes shadow of the distant objects.

Facts about Fog 8: Fog Catchers

Fog Catchers are screens that used for catch the water from the fog. The catchers are put up in the fog way and useful for harvest water since ancient times.

Fog catchers
Fog catchers

Facts about Fog 9: The differences between fog and mist

Maybe many people still confused what is differences between fog and mist. Now, we are going to talk about it. The point is how far we can see it. Mist can be seen more than 1,000 metres, whereas fog can reduce the visibility less than 1,000 metres.

Facts about Fog 10: Fog bow

Have you ever seen rainbow after rainfall? Is it beautiful, right? Yes, that is fog bow. It is also known as a white rainbow. Fog bow is a vague rainbow with the circle of the optical effect with the weak colors (bluish and faint red), not like rainbow. Because the fog is smaller than raindrop.

Fog bow
Fog bow


We have talked facts about Fog. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other facts about fog? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about fog. Enjoy reading



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