10 Interesting Facts about Fluorite

A beautiful mineral of calcium and fluoride (calcium fluoride, CaF2) will be explained on Facts about Fluorite. It is also known as Fluorspar. There are many colors of mineral fluorite, including amethyst (most famous), sea green, sunny yellow, deep purple, crystal clear, sky blue, and the rarer colors are reddish orange, pink, and black. Whereas the pure fluorite is colorness. That is why fluorite is called as “The most colorful mineral in the world”. Here are ten interesting facts about fluorite.

Facts about Fluorite 1: The origin name of fluorite

In 1546, Fluere is the origin name of fluorite, which means “to flow”. It was the Latin word which was given by Georg Agricola.

Facts about Fluorite 2: The uses of fluorite

In industrial, fluorite is used as flux in the iron and alumunium smelting. It is also used in the production of glasses or enamels. Whereas in the making of jewelry, it is used as beads of it. Due to the texture is soft, it is also used in curving.

Fluorite gemstone necklace
Fluorite gemstone necklace

Facts about Fluorite 3: What is Fluorite?

Maybe many people think that fluorite is a rock, but it is wrong. Fluorite is a substance that has a solid structure and occured in the nature. Sometimes, you can find fluorite in the rock with the cubes shape.

Facts about Fluorite 4: The glow of fluorite

Fluorite can glow under the UV light, especially Fluorescence and Thermoluminescence. They are the interesting physical properties of fluorite. Fluorescence glows when it is exposed to black light or ultraviolet light, whereas Thermoluminescence glows when you placed it in the heat. Besides, when you put the fluorite from different places under the light, they will glow with different color.

The glow of fluorite
The glow of fluorite

Facts about Fluorite 5: The benefits of fluorite

Some people believed that fluorite can be used as protection, spiritual, and therapy.

Facts about Fluorite 6: Limestone

Did you know where you can find fluorite? Yes, fluorite can be found in the limestone. However, nowdays you can find it in the gemstone shops in the world.

Fluorite can be found in the limestone
Fluorite can be found in the limestone

Facts about Fluorite 7: Fluorite habits

Cleavage is the habit of fluorite. Sometimes, the cleavage can be peeled smoothly and become perfect octahedron. But this is not happen in the larger fluorite. It has sections chipped because of it.

Facts about Fluorite 8: Color symbolism of fluorite

Each color of fluorite has symbolism, including yellow fluorite (stone of unity), green fluorite (growth and healing color), white fluorite (spiritual energies), and purple fluorite (stimulate the Third Eye Chakra).

The colors of fluorite
The colors of fluorite

Facts about Fluorite 9: The colors of fluorite

There are many causes of the color variations of fluorite. They are caused by impurities and hydrocarbons.

Facts about Fluorite 10: Fluorite forms

There are many shapes of fluorite, including cubic, octahedrals, and dodecahedral.

Cubic and octahedral faces of fluorite
Cubic and octahedral faces of fluorite


We have talked facts about Fluorite. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other fact about fluorite. Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about fluorite. Enjoy reading.


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