10 Interesting Facts about Flowers

Flower is also known as the bloom or blossom. As we know that flower has many benefits. It can be used for decorating, gardening, medicines, arts, crafts projects, even foods. To know more about flowers and how to handle them properly, you can visit a site similar to whatforme.com for some guidelines from experienced gardening enthusiasts. On the other hand, there are also deadly flowers such as Venus Fly Trap. It belongs to carnivorous plants and can get nutrition from the insect, and you can also take an online floristry course to get some amazing skills so have a look at that if you’d like to gain much better floristry skills.


The other facts about flower will be explained below.

Facts about Flower 1: The energy source of flower

Water, sunlight, and mineral are the energy source of flower. Whereas photosynthesis is the process of plants to make their food.

Facts about Flower 2: The largest and the smallest flower in the world

Titan Arum is the largest flower in the world. It is also called as Corpse flower and located in Sumatran rainforests. It belongs to the smelliest flower due to the smell like rotting dead body. Its height is around 10 feet and has 3 feet wide. Whereas Wolffia is the smallest flower in the world. You can make flower headpiece using twelve Wolffia.

Titan Arum
Titan Arum

Facts about Flower 3: Parts of a flower

There are many parts of flower, including petals and sepals (the outside of flower), pistil (the inside of flower), stamens (the male parts of the flower), and pollen (stick the flower body).

Facts about Flower 4: Flower crafts

Did you know that flowers can be used as crafts? We can make decoration, bookmarks, necklaces, pictures, crowns, perfume, soaps, and lotions using flowers.

Flower craft
Flower craft

Facts about Flower 5: The sacred flower

Lotus belongs to the sacred flower in the ancient Egyptian. It was usually used in burial rituals. Besides, it can be found in the damp wetland or river. For Egyptians, it was also the symbol of eternal life and resurrection.

Facts about Flower 6: Tulips

Although the average lifespan of tulips is 3-7 days (short), but Russian used tulips to declare romantic love. Besides, tulip bulbs is more expensive than gold in Holland. It also can be used as onions in many recipes. If you want to plant flowers in your backyard, consider having a French drain installed by landscapers specializing in drainage Glen Ellyn to prevent a moisture-laden yard.


Facts about Flower 7: Broccoli

Do you like broccoli? Do you think that brocolli belongs to vegetables? That is really wrong. Actually broccoli is a flower. The yellow flower of broccoli comes from the broccoli stalks (the green florets).

Facts about Flower 8: Moonflowers and morning glories

There are flowers that bloom in the morning and night such as moonflowers (night) and morning glories (morning). The color of moonflowers are white, whereas morning glories are purple. Many people called them as a cousin.


Facts about Flower 9: Dandelion

There are many benefits of dandelion such as the leaves (for medicine), flowers (source of vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and iron), and dried dandelion can be used to make a tea. Are you still thinking that dandelion is a weed?

Facts about Flower 10: Roses

As we know that many people often use roses to express love, especially in Valentines day (the symbol of beauty and love). Besides, apples, cherries, pears, raspberries, plums,, and peaches are related to roses.

Red Roses
Red Roses


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