10 Interesting Facts about Florida

Facts about Florida will inform you about the southeastern zone of United States which is bordered by Alabama and Georgia (North), Gulf of Mexico (West), Atlantic Ocean (East), Straits of Florida and Cuba (South). Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. Whereas Jacksonville, Duval is the largest city in Florida and become the second largest city in Miami (the metropolitan area). Florida consists of 67 countries and the largest county is Palm Beach. Besides, the state nickname of Florida is The Sunshine State. Here are ten interesting facts about Florida.

Facts about Florida 1: Florida State Symbols

There are many state symbols of Florida, including State nicname (Sunshine State), State slogan (Visit Florida; MyFlorida.com), State Motto (In God we trust, 1868), State flower (Orange blossom), State bird (Mockingbird), State fish (Largemouth in the fresh water, Atlantic Sailfish in the salt water), State tree (Sabal Palm), State mammal (Florida panthers, Manatee, Bottle-nosed dolphin), State insect (Zebra Lonywing), and State foods (Orange juice, Key Lime Pie, Oranges). Besides, Florida becames a state on Monday, March 3, in 1845.

Facts about Florida 2: The Florida state flag and song

A white background, a red diagonal cross, and the Florida seal in the centre are the Florida state flag. Whereas the Swanee River or Old folks at Home is the official state song in Florida.

The Florida state flag
The Florida state flag

Facts about Florida 3: Alligator State

There are many Alligator that live in the Florida. That is why Florida is known as Alligator State. Besides, Gator is the mascot of Florida University and the first Gatorade was invented in Florida.

Facts about Florida 4: Golf courses

According to Golf Holidays Direct, there are many golf courses in Florida. That is why many golfers visited Florida and called it as their home. Since the fields are filled with pros, you should consider trying this golf simulator prior hitting the golf course best golf sunglasses.

Facts about Florida 5: Parachuting

As we know that playing parachute is very fun. Unfortunately, unmarried woman cannot do that that on Sundays due to it is illegal for them.

Facts about Florida 6: Clearwater city

In the United States, Clearwater is the highest rate of lighting strikes.

Facts about Florida 7: Florida House

Florida House is an embassy in Washington and Florida is the only state that has it.

Facts about Florida 8: Walt Disney World

In Orlando, Walt Disney World amusement resort become the most famous destination for tourist in the world. More than 16 million tourist interested with the place. Before you book your airport transfer from Orlando airport, check out this company.

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World

Facts about Florida 9: Professional Sports Team

Florida Panthers (National Hockey League), Tampa Bay Lightning (National Hockey League), Florida Marlins (Major League Basketball), Tampa Bay Rays (Major League Basketball), Orlando Magic (Major League Basketball), Miami Dolphins (National Football League), and Jacksonville Jaguars (National Football League), are the professional sports team in Florida.

Facts about Florida 10: River and Lake in Florida

Withlacoochee (central Florida) and Withlacoochee (north central Florida, Madison County) are the same name of Florida rivers. Whereas Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in Florida.

Withlacoochee river
Withlacoochee river


We have talked facts about Florida. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other facts about Florida? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Florida.

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