10 Interesting Facts about Florence Nightingale

Facts about Florence Nightingale will inform you about the famous nurse. She was born on May 12, 1820, Florence, Italy and dead on August 13, 1910 at 90 years old. She was also known as the Lady with the Lamp. William Shore Nightingale was her father (a rich banker), whereas Florence’s mother was Frances Nightingale. Florence Nightingale really loves her parent, she want to please them. Frances Parthenope (Pop) was an older sister of Nightingale. The other facts about Florence Nightingale will be explained below.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 1: Famous nurse

Although Florence Nightingale did not have untrained profession, yet she could prove her skill through nursing work. She did the work during the Crimean War. Besides, a book about “how to be a good nurse” was written by her. She taught us about modern nursing and to make hospitals in a good and clean conditions. That is why she become the famous nurse. However, she did not like to be a famous and called it “the fuzbuz about my name”.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 2: Crimean War

Florence Nightingale was asked to help wounded soldiers in the Crimean War in 1854. She was shocked because the hospital is very dirty. Typhus, dysentery, and cholera are the common diseases that can spread quickly in that places. She believed that dirty places made wounded soldiers could not get better. Then, she changed the hospital conditions and made it better.

Crimean War
Crimean War

Facts about Florence Nightingale 3: Education

Nightingale belongs to rich family. She could receive education and learn many subjects such as mathematics,  history, science, and philosophy. She was a clever girl and liked many subjects, especially maths and history.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 4: Modern nursing

Modern nursing was created by Florence Nightingale. She gave fresh food and better meals for her patient, cleaned the kitchens, beds, and drains to make the hospital cleaner and better place.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 5: Blessing of her parents

At first Nightingale’s parents did not give permission to her to be a nurse due to they thought that her education was not suitable for nursing work. But she never gave up until Nightingale’s father allowed her to be nurse. Finally, she studied to Germany during three months in 1851 and worked in London hospital for “Invalid Gentlewomenin” 1853. As you know that she got her passion in nursing at seventeen years old.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 6: International Nurses Day

As we know that Florence Nightingale really liked her job and dedicated her life as a nurse. That is why people around the world celebrate her birthday as “International Nurses Day”.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 7: Nightingale refused to get married

Nightingale’s parents expected her to marry and got a child. Unfortunately, she refused it due to believed that God called her to do important work. There are many men who asked her to be wife such as her cousin (Henry Nicholson) and a young writer, but she always said no.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 8: The lady of the lamp

Florence Nightingale always carried a lamp while visited her patients (wounded soldiers) every night during the Crimean War. That is why she was known as  “the Lady with the Lamp”.

The lady of the lamp
The lady of the lamp

Facts about Florence Nightingale 9: Awards

Florence Nightingale got awards as the Order of Merit from King Edward VII and the Royal Red Cross from Queen Victoria.

Facts about Florence Nightingale 10: The death of Florence Nightingale

In 1910 Florence Nightingale died and buried  in a Hampshire churchyard. Her tombstone is very simple with the years (born and died) and her initials.

Florence Nightingale's grave
Florence Nightingale’s grave


We have talked facts about Florence Nightingale. Do you know other facts about Florence Nightingale?



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