10 Interesting Facts about Flies

Facts about Flies will inform you about the annoying animals. Most people do not like with flies because of many reasons, especially their annoying sounds. There are many types of flies such as house flies, stable flies, and flesh flies. The most famous species of flies are house flies. They can survive in everywhere. The stable flies or the dog flies is a type of blood-sucking fly. Whereas flesh flies usually eat dead animal carcasses or meat scraps. The other facts about flies will be explained below.

Facts about Flies 1: Life span

The average life span of flies are 21 days. It is too short! However, they can lay up around 600 eggs and change their shapes in their short lifetime.

Facts about Flies 2: The appearance of fly

The length of flies are about 7 mm long. A head, an abdomen, and a thorax are parts of flies body. They also have small bristles in all of the body and legs. The particles of things that flies land are collected by bristles. Besides, flies have spongy mouth which is used to suck the food. They also have sticky feet and long tongue (proboscis). That is why they can stick everywhere, walk in ceiling, and sucks up food quickly.

The appearance of fly
The appearance of fly

Facts about Flies 3: Maggots

Manggots or larvae are baby flies. They are usually laid on food, fruit, soil, plants, dead animals or rotting flesh. Besides, manggots also can be used for medical treatment such as help patients to heal their wound in burn victims.

Facts about Flies 4: Two million germs

According to scientists, two million of bacteria were carried by flies. That’s a lot! They also spread germs efficiently.

Facts about Flies 5: Disease

As we know that flies carry many germs which can make health problems, such as typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis, etc. If the disease not treated well, it can be serious even can cause death. Flies spread the disease through sticky pads on their feet. They collect germ and spread it to another.

Facts about Flies 6: Diet

Manure is the flies diet, including old garbage or animal poop. That is why the germs stuck on their mouth or feet. They also eat the human’s food. After that, they vomit the germs, enzymes, saliva, and digestive juices on your food and suck it up again into their spongy mouth.

Facts about Flies 7: Taste the food

There are taste receptors on the bottom of fly’s feet. It is used to taste the food. That is why fly can know immediately that food is good or not by sticking on it.

Facts about Flies 8: Females flies

Nutrients are needed by females flies to lay their egg. That is why they drink blood. It is different with males, because they drink nectar.

Male and Female Fly
Male and Female Fly

Facts about Flies 9: How does a fly clean the body?

Have you ever seen flies while clean their body? How about when they clean the body on your food? It is disgusting! Flies clean the body by rubbing their legs together which is make all of the scraps fall out.

Facts about Flies 10: Fantastic flyers

Flies are called as Diptera, because they only have two wings. Although just two wings, they can fly up in all side (up and down, side to side, backwards, hover, and spin). They also known as a good fliers. Besides, flies also have special abilities, such as walk upside.

The wings of fly
The wings of fly


We have talked facts about Flies. Do you know other facts about flies?









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