10 Interesting Facts about Fish

Do you like fish? Are you interested to have fish as your pet? OK. Now, we are going to talk Facts about Fish, an animal that lives in the water. Fish is a unique and different from other animal, because it has gills, fins, and scales. Besides, fish belongs to vertebrate animals. It means animal which has a backbone and can breathe (through gills) in the water. Here are ten facts about fish.

Facts about Fish 1: Types of fish

Jawless, Cartilaginous, and Bony fishes are three major types of fishes. Hagfishes and lampreys belong to Jawless. Rays, shark, and skates are Cartilaginous. Even though tuna and eels are Bony fishes.

Facts about Fish 2: Fish scales

Fish scales are the most common ingredients of cosmetic, especially lipstick. Besides, the scales of fish increased in size based on their age.

Most lipstick contains fish scales
Most lipstick contains fish scales

Facts about Fish 3: A good sense

The sense of taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight of fish are very good. Fish even can taste with closing mouth. Besides, pain also can be felt by them.

Facts about Fish 4: Stone fish

Stone fish is the most poisonous fish in the world, especially its sting. Because it can cause paralysis, shock, and even death if not treated well.

Stone fish is poisonous
Stone fish is poisonous

Facts about Fish 5: The oldest animal families

Fish become the oldest animal families, because it has been on the earth for 500 million years ago (live long before dinosaurs).

Facts about Fish 6: The largest (Whale Shark) and smallest (Philippine Goby) fish

The great whale shark is the largest fish in the world. The length can reach 40 feet or 12,2 meters long and the weight is around 20 tons. Whereas the smallest fish is Philippine Goby. Its length is around 1/3 inch.

The largest fish in the world (The great whale shark)
The largest fish in the world (The great whale shark) visit san diego whale watching

Facts about Fish 7: The fastest (Sailfish) and slowest (Seahorse) fish

The fastest fish in the world is sailfish. It swims at speed of 68 mph. Whereas seahorse (Dwarf seahorse)  is the slowest fish or poor swimmer. It even does not looks like swimming, but just standing.

Facts about Fish 8: A school and a shoal

A school is nickname of the same species of fish group and a shoal is a loose grouping of fish. People and predators will get difficulties to catch a group of fish (a school).

A group of fish
A group of fish

Facts about Fish 9: Cold-blooded animals

Fish are cold-blooded animals. They cannot regulate their body temperature. That means the body temperature depends on weather outside (cold or hot).

Facts about Fish 10: Fish as pets

Fish is interesting animal as pets. It is also easy to take care of fish. You just need to clean the aquarium and feed the fish every day. Besides, fish is beautiful animal to look at.

Fish as pets
Fish as pets


We have talked facts about fish. Do you like it? Do you know other facts about fish? Are you interested to have fish as your pet? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about fish. Enjoy reading.

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