10 Interesting Facts about Fireworks

Do you know fireworks? Do you like it? Is it beautiful, right? Facts about Fireworks will inform you about low explosive which is used for entertainment or aesthetic. Fireworks is designed to explode with the flames that has many colors. The firework flames colors are red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. Besides, noise, smoke, and light are the effects of fireworks. The other facts about fireworks will be explained below.

Facts about Fireworks 1: China

The first fireworks were invented in China. That is why the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world is China.

Facts about Fireworks 2: The colors of fireworks

Orange and white are the first colors of fireworks. More colors were created by adding different metals and salts into it, including cooper for blue, barium for green, calcium for orange, sodium for yellow, aluminum and titanium for white, lithium salts and strontium salt for red.

Fireworks color element
Fireworks color element

Facts about Fireworks 3: Chocolate firework

Nestle made the largest chocolate firework in the world, with 3 meters or 9.8 feet high and 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet in diameter. It contains of 60 kg or 132 lb of Swiss Cailler chocolates. On 31 December 2002 (New Year’s Eve 2002), the chocolate firework was released and exploded in Zurich, Switzerland.

Facts about Fireworks 4: The ingredients of fireworks

Binder, fuel, coloring agent, regulator, oxidising agent, reducing agent, sulphur, saltpetre, and charcoal are the ingredients of fireworks. Ironically, the ingredients make air pollution which is make health problem for humans. It also contains of poisonous gasses.

The ingredients of fireworks
The ingredients of fireworks

Facts about Fireworks 5: Animals don’t like fireworks

Animals will scare if they hear the exploison of fireworks, especially dogs and cats. That is why they do not like the fireworks at all. They have to hide of fireworks.

Facts about Fireworks 6: The Walt Disney Company

In the United States, the largest consumer of fireworks is the Walt Disney Company.

The largest consumer of fireworks (The Walt Disney Company)
The largest consumer of fireworks (The Walt Disney Company)

Facts about Fireworks 7: Dreaming about fireworks

Have you ever dreamed about fireworks? Never? Ok, I am going to tell you about the meaning of dreaming about fireworks, because every dream has a meaning. It means that become a centre of attention is the thing that you loved. Besides, enthusiasm and exhilaration are the symbol of it.

Facts about Fireworks 8: The hardest and the easiest color

Blue is the hardest color to make. Copper oxidizers and compatibility of chemical reaction are needed to create it. Because the chemicals are poisonous. Whereas the easiest color to make is orange.

The hardest color to make is blue.
The hardest color to make is blue.

Facts about Fireworks 9: Firework sounds

Different combinations of chemical with tubes determine the sounds of firework. The big and loud sounds (booms) are created by flash powder, hissing noises is made by aluminum flakes, and whistling sounds is made by cylindrical tubes.

Facts about Fireworks 10: The largest firework display in North America

Thunder Over Louisville is the largest firework display in America. Since 1990, it was released every April.

Thunder Over Louisville
Thunder Over Louisville


We have talked facts about Fireworks. Do you know other facts about fireworks?


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