10 Interesting Facts about Fireflies

Have you ever catched fireflies? Is it fun, right? OK, we are going to talk about fireflies. Facts about Fireflies will inform you about winged beetles that can show light at night. Fireflies are also known as lightning bugs. A “cold light” (with no ultraviolet or infrared) is produced by fireflies. The wavelengths of it is around 510 to 670 nanometers with green, yellow, and pale red colors. Besides, we can find them in the marshes, forest, or wooded areas due to they live in the tropical climates. The other facts about fireflies will be explained below.

Facts about Fireflies 1:  Bioluminescent species

Fireflies belong to bioluminescent species. Their bioluminescence is used to scare the predators. Actually the eggs, larvae, and pupae of firefly can produce light although you may not know the glow of firefly in all stages.

Facts about Fireflies 2: Light signal of fireflies

The light of fireflights do not just to make them look beautiful, but their light have many benefits. They usually use their light signals to talk to each other. Besides, it is also used to attract mates. They will use their own light pattern to hunt a female. Then, a female will use the same light pattern to respond it.

Light signal of fireflies
Light signal of fireflies

Facts about Fireflies 3: Fireflies in the western areas of North America

We think that all of the fireflies have the fire, but that is wrong. The fireflies in the western areas of North America do not have fire, so they cannot communicate use their light signals.

Facts about Fireflies 4: Snails as their diet

Fireflies are carnivorous and they live in the moist environment. That is why fireflies larvae eat nails and worms. As they grow up, they will eat meat. However, some species of  fireflies eat other fireflies.

Facts about Fireflies 5: Luciferase and luciferin

Luciferase and luciferin are two chemicals in the firefly’s tail. Besides, the chemical inside the firefly’s body is called ATP. It is useful to produce their light. The cells of all living things contain ATP.

Facts about Fireflis 6: Firefly luciferase for mediacal research

Scientists usually use firefly luciferase for mediacal research. It can be used to monitor hydrogen peroxide levels, detect blood clots, and tag tuberculosis virus cells.

Facts about Fireflies 7: Synchronous fireflies

Southeast Asia and America are the two places in the world where the fireflies synchronize their light signals. Photinus carolinus are the species that synchronize their light in America. Some theories believed that they do that for attracting females.

Synchronous fireflies
Synchronous fireflies

Facts about Fireflies 8: The most efficient lights in the world

As we know that fireflies’ lights produce a cold lights, so  they can emit 100 percent of their energy as lights. It is different with an incandescent bulb or fluorescent bulb. An incandescent bulb just emits 10 percents, whereas fluorescent bulb can emit 90 percent of its energy. That is why the most efficient lights in the world are fireflies’ lights.

Facts about Fireflies 9: Reflex bleeding

Reflex bleeding is a process while fireflies shed drops of blood. They will do that if they are attacked. A poisonous will make the taste bitter. That is why most animals avoid to eat them.

Facts about Fireflies 10: The different colors of fireflies

Each species of fireflies produce different color of light from the others. Sometimes, they glow yellow or orange and the others glow blue or green.

The different colors of fireflies
The different colors of fireflies


We have talked facts about fireflies. Do you know other facts about fireflies?




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  1. Yes I saw a pair of firefly’s one being heald the other flying. Dropped off it’s partner in some river weeds. It then climbed down under water ( the other one flew off stayed in sight though. ) Stayed under for 3 , 4 minutes came up was now white not blue and in a half folded shape stretched out and I’ll be …that other one came in picked up the one in the water and took it to a branch and there the white firefly got it’s color back. Took maybe 5 minutes. TOTALLY Psychronised WAS SO COOL


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