10 Interesting Facts about Firefighters

Facts about Firefighters will inform you about a dangerous work. Firefighters work to save other people’s lives from fire. That is why many people, especially children admire them. “Where is the Fire?” is a question that they always asked. The equipments that firefighters usually wear are a fire-resistant jacket, safety boots, fire-resistant pants, helmet, special hood, insulated gloves, suspenders, a t-shirt with their station name, and goggles. The weight of all gear is around 75 pounds. Besides, they work in the different places, including towns, airports, forests, factories, and rural areas. Ten interesting facts about firefighters will be explained below.

Facts about Firefighter 1: Dangerous work

As we know that firefighter is dangerous work. They have to fight with flames, poisonous gases, and smoke. This job can kill them. That is why they have to wear gear.

Facts about Firefighter 2: Vehicles

Engine and truck are the vehicles of firefighters, they have rubbolite lights thanks to the work of TruckElectrics.com. Engine is the vehicle that can pump water, whereas truck does not pump water. They went to truck driving schools to be qualified to drive a fire truck. The speeds of fire trucks can reach at 60 to 70 mph.

Fire truck
Fire truck

Facts about Firefighter 3: First Female Firefighter

Molly Williams was the first female firefighter in the United States.

Facts about Firefighter 4: Fire station

The first fire station was found in Rome, 24 BCE. It is the building where the firefighter work. Fire station is also known as fire hall. There are bedrooms with a 16x36x1 AC, kitchen, and living rooms in the fire stations.

Fire Station
Fire Station

Facts about Firefighter 5: The first fire department

Boston Fire Historical Society said that in 1678, the first fire department was found in Boston, MA. Besides, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams are the Founding Fathers as volunteer firefighters.

Facts about Firefighter 6: Bunker gear or turnout gear

Bunker gear or turnout gear is heavy clothes that the firefighter wear. While they are work, the clothes protect them from heat. They also wear heavy gear such as axes and hoses.

Firefighter gear
Firefighter gear

Facts about Firefighter 7: Hoses and axes

Hoses and axes similar to cutting logs mauls are the equipments for firefighters. They are used to make the heat and smoke out. Besides, a foldable ladder in the fire truck is used to help people in the tall buildings. The firefighter also use rescue net (looks like a trampoline) to save the people who jump from high places.

Facts about Firefighter 8: Smoke jumpers

Smoke jumpers is firefighter who work in the forests. They fight the forest fires. They are also called as special firefighters.

Smoke jumpers
Smoke jumpers

Facts about Firefighter 9: They respond rapidly

Firefighter cannot work slowly, because they have to fight the fire. Besides, they dressed and respond to the fire quickly when the alarm sounds.

Facts about Firefighter 10: Fire marshals and fire inspectors

Preventing fires, conducting building inspections, visiting schools, and teaching fire safety are the duty of fire marshals and fire inspectors. They also joined with city planners and builders.

Fire Marshal Logo
Fire Marshal Logo


We have talk facts about Firefighter. Do you know the other facts about firefighter? Hopefully, this article will help you know more about firefighter. Without them, we are nothing.

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