10 Interesting Facts about Fire

Have you ever try to put your hand into fire? Is it burn your hand, right? That is why we have to take care of fire. Because it is very dangerous, especially for children. However, it can also useful for humans, such as for cooking, heating, and lighting. Facts about Fire will inform you about a light and heat which are released by the chemical reaction. The components of fire, color of fire, fire hydrant, candle fires, smoke inhalation, wildfire, and smoke alarm will be explained below. You might also be interested on reading 5 Extraordinary Reasons To Choose Sinisi Solutions to protect your home from fire.

Facts about Fire 1: Fire triangle

Oxygen, fuel, and heat (fire triangle) are the three components which are needed by fire. Without them, fire cannot be existed. An example of fuel are wood, coal, oil, paper, furniture, clothes, or combustible materials. Whereas an electricity and cigarette are generated by heat. Fire can be extinguished while one of the three components is missing. Heat can be removed by water. Oxygen can be removed by sand, blanket, dirt, or a chemical agent. Whereas moving combustible materials can remove the fuel.

Facts about Fire 2: The flames of the fire

The color of the flames from the fire are red (525-1,000 Celsius), yellow (1,100-1,200 Celsius), whitish (1,300-1,500 Celsius), and blue.  The substance which is burn influences the color of the flames. Yellow color is burned by a low substance, whereas blue color is burned by a high substance. This is the only part of fire that can be seen by humans.

The flames of the fire
The flames of the fire

Facts about Fire 3: The Fire Hydrant

The patents of fire hydrant were destroyed by a fire. That is why the people who inveted the fire hydrant is unclear until now.

Facts about Fire 4: Candles

Candle flames are so beautiful, especially their color (blue at the bottom and yellow at the top). People usually use candles for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, and candles light dinner. It is so romatic. Ironically, candles can also cause home fires, home fire deaths, and home fire injuries.

Facts about Fire 5: Fire Deaths

Smoking materials (cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc) are the materials that cause fire death in USA.

Facts about Fire 6: Kitchen

Kitchen is the part of house that can cause home fires, especially cooking fires.

Facts about Fire 7: Smoke inhalation

Smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death. Before flames reach a room, the oxygen will be replaced by poisonous smoke and gases. That is why the lack of oxygen will make people died.

Facts about Fire 8: Match sticks

Match sticks were found by John Walker. When he scraped the lump of antimony sulfide, sulfur, and potassium chlorate, it caught a fire.

Wooden Match Sticks
Wooden Match Sticks

Facts about Fire 9: Smoke alarms

Smoke alarm is very useful for home. Because it can cut the risk of home fires. You can put the smoke alarm in the bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Facts about Fire 10: Forest fire

As we know that forest fire is very dangerous. The dry area causes the fire spreads quickly (15 miles per hour). The careless of human, such as throwing a lit cigarrete causes the fire forest. Besides, it can be caused by volcanic eruptions.

Forest fires
Forest fires


We have talked facts about Fire. Do you know other facts about fire?


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