10 Interesting Facts about Finland

Facts about Finland will inform you about a wild country that borders Sweden (west), Russia (East) and Norway (north). It is also known as Suomi country or land of midnight sunLand of the Thousand Lakes also the other nickname of Finland due to there are thousands of lakes and islands in this country. The capital and largest city of Finland is Helsinki. After the Russian Revolution, Finland gained its independence in 1919. This country covered with forests, including spruce, birch, and pine. Besides, the majority of Finns work as loggers. Here, we are going to talk interesting facts about Finland.

Facts about Finland 1: Languages

Finnish and Swedish are the official languages of Finland, followed by indigenous Sami language (northern Lapland area).

Facts about Finland 2: The biggest coffee drinkers

The biggest coffee drinkers in the world are Finns. They can consume 12 kg coffee every year or 4-5 cups a day. They also have unique way to enjoy their coffee with pastries (dip pastries in their coffee). Unfortunately, we cannot find  Starbucks store at there (as of 2011). It’s so ironic.

The Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers
The Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers

Facts about Finland 3: The World Championships in Finland

Finland has many unique championships such as a Wife Carrying World Championship, a Mobile Phone Throwing Championships, Boots Throwing Championships, and the World Sauna Championships. At the Wife Carrying World Championships will be held every year in Finland and the winner will get beer as big as wife’s weight.

Facts about Finland 4: Sauna

There are 2 million saunas in Finland (more saunas than cars). Because Finns really love of taking sauna. Swimsuits are the clothes for sauna. They usually jump into the lake after a hot sauna. It is like the traditional practice after sauna.

Finland Saunas
Finland Saunas

Facts about Finland 5: Climate

Summers and winters are the climates in Finland.

Facts about Finland 6: The national animal

The national animal in Finland is brown bear. Besides, whooper swan is the national bird in the country.

Brown bear
Brown bear

Facts about Finland 7: Educational system in Finland

Education is very important in the world. Finland has high quality in educational system, especially the teachers. There are more teachers than students in Finland and the students start to enter the school at 7 years old while using amazing thinking tools software.

Facts about Finland 8: Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day is the largest food carnival in the world, which was held four time a year in Helsinki, Finland. In Restaurant Day, people can set up a restaurant, a bar, or cafe in a day.

Restaurant Day in Helsinki
Restaurant Day in Helsinki

Facts about Finland 9: Traditional Finnish dish

The traditional Finnish dish is Karelian pasty. Rye crust and rice are the ingredients to make it.

Facts about Finland 10: No public phone

As we know that public phone cannot be found in Finland due to Finns thought that it is not enough effective. That is why they prefer to use mobile phones. Finland also the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, especially NOKIA. Besides, Rovio Entertainment from Finland created the phone app Angry Birds.

We have talked facts about Finland. Do you know other facts about Finland?

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