10 Interesting Facts about Fingers

Facts about Fingers will inform you about sensitive body part that can be used to touch and feel anything. As we know that our hand has 5 fingers that consist of thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger (tiny or pinky). All of the fingers has their own uniqueness. Here are ten interesting facts about fingers.

Facts about Fingers 1: The most sensitive part of the body

The most sensitive part of the body is fingers, especially the fingertips. They are more sensitive than eyes. Because there are many receptors of them. That is why they can feel anything, such as wetness, hotness, consistency, tremor, and force.

Facts about Fingers 2: Vein of Love

Vein of Love also known as Venna Amoris or Vein of Adore. It is connected to the hearth and located in the left ring finger. That is why we wear wedding ring in the left hand finger.

Vein of Love (Venna Amoris)
Vein of Love (Venna Amoris)

Facts about Fingers 3: Fingers do not grow

After specific age, fingers stop growing. There is no reason for this, because nature has settled this phenomenon and the absolute power of God.

Facts about Fingers 4: Uniqueness of Fingerprints

No similarity of fingerprints in the world becomes the uniqueness of fingerprints. Even the fingerprints of twins never match at all. Besides, there are also people in the world who do not have fingerprints.

Uniqueness of Fingerprints
Uniqueness of Fingerprints

Facts about Fingers 5: Casanova Pattern

Casanova pattern is the longest ring finger and the most sensitive and delicate finger is the index finger.

Facts about Fingers 6: Weakest Finger

The ring finger is the weakest finger all of the fingers due to it contributes to the flexor muscle. Besides, there are differences between men and women fingers, especially the length of index and ring fingers. The index finger is shorter than the ring finger in men. Whereas in women, the index finger has similar size with the ring finger.

The weakest finger (ring finger)
The weakest finger (ring finger)

Facts about Fingers 7: The growth of fingers

As we know that the growth of fingernails is faster than the toenails. They need six months to grow from bottom to tilt. The shortest fingers tend to grow slowest than all of the fingers. Whereas the middle fingernails grows fastest. Because it is commonly grown as the longest finger.

Facts about Fingers 8: After death, nails stop growing

Nails stop growing after death because all of the cells in the lifeless bodies stop working.

Nails stop growing after death
Nails stop growing after death

Facts about Fingers 9: Bite a finger as easily as bite a carrot

Have you ever tried bite your finger? No? Actually, bite off your finger has the same amount of pressure that you used to bite a carrot.

Facts about Fingers 10: Only One Muscle (arrector pili muscle)

Do you know that each finger only has one muscle? Do you believe it? No?, but that is true. Arrector pili muscle is the muscle that make the fingers joints can move and they are located in the palm and forearm.

Arrector pili muscle
Arrector pili muscle


We have talked facts about Fingers. Do you know other facts about fingers?




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