10 Interesting Facts about Finding Nemo

Have you ever watched Finding Nemo? Did you like the movie? Yup, in this article we are going to talk about Finding NemoFacts about Finding Nemo will inform you about American computer-animated film. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Andrew Stanton was the director and author of the film with Lee Unkrich (co-direction). The main characters were Albert Brooks, Alexander Gould, Ellen DeGeneres, and Willem Dafoe. The character of Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s 20,000, Leagues Under the Sea became inspiration of Nemo’s name. On may 30, 2003, the film was released by Walt Disney Pictures in Canada, US. Besides, Academy Award for Best Animated Feature was won by Finding Nemo. Here are ten interesting facts about Finding Nemo.

Facts about Finding Nemo 1: The first Pixar film that showed blood

Finding nemo was the first Pixar film that showed blood. The scene was shown when Dory’s nose bleeds.

Facts about Finding Nemo 2: The first appearance of Nemo

Actually, the first appearance of Nemo was not in the Finding Nemo, yet in Monsters, Inc. Nemo became one of the stuffed toy in Monster, Inc.

The first appearance of Nemo
The first appearance of Nemo

Facts about Finding Nemo 3: The popularity of Finding Nemo

The popularity of Finding Nemo makes people, especially children want to have clownfish as pets. Besides, there are many goods that use Finding Nemo as merchandise, such as doll, hat, mug, book, etc.

Facts about Finding Nemo 4: A “Mr. Incredible” comic book

Did you remember with a child who waiting his turn in the dentist’s waiting room? Yup, he was reading a “Mr. Incredible” comic book from the The Incredible film. Besides, the dentist’s office in Emeryville, California was used as a model of the dentist’s waiting room in Finding Nemo.

A “Mr. Incredible” comic book
A “Mr. Incredible” comic book

Facts about Finding Nemo 5: Luigi

The character of Italian car from Cars, named Luigi also makes an appearance in the Finding Nemo movie.

Facts about Finding Nemo 6: Gil’s mouth

Willem Dafoe is a voice actor of Gil. Besides, his face was used as a model to make Gil’s mouth.

Gil's mouth
Gil’s mouth

Facts about Finding Nemo 7: The movie took place

The first pixar movie that took places in Australia (outside the US) was Finding Nemo.

Facts about Finding Nemo 8: The ocean surface

Initially the ocean surface looked like realistic in the Finding Nemo. Then, it was remade by Pixar to be more animated.

The ocean surface in Finding Nemo before remade
The ocean surface in Finding Nemo before remade

Facts about Finding Nemo 9: The same technology

The technology to create anemone in Finding Nemo and Sulley’s hair in Monster Inc was same.

Facts about Finding Nemo 10: The facial expressions of fishes

The facial expressions of fishes in the Finding Nemo used dogs as the models. Because the eyes of dogs have more expressive movement than actual fish.

The fish’s facial expressions used dog as the model
The fish’s facial expressions used dog as the model


We have talked facts about Finding Nemo. Are you interested to read it? Do you have other facts about Finding Nemo? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Finding Nemo.


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