10 Interesting Facts about Fiji

A group of islands in the South Pacific will be explained on Facts about Fiji. Suva is the capital and largest city in Fiji which is located on Viti Levu (the largest island). The original settlers of Fiji are Polynesian and Melanesian peoples, yet today’s people are native Fiji or Indian. Friendly and hospitable are also known as Fijians characters. Almost 100 years as a British colony, Fiji gained independence in 1970. Besides, you can find beautiful beaches, rain forests, coral gardens, and also different cultures at Fiji islands. That is why Fiji became an ideal destination for tourist. Here are ten interesting facts about Fiji.

Facts about Fiji 1: Language

Fijian is the main official language of Fiji, followed by English, Hindustani or Fijian Hindi. They learned English at school. That is why most people speak English, especially children.

Facts about Fiji 2: The currency of Fiji

The Fijian Dollar (FJD) is the  currency of Fiji.

Fijian Dollar
Fijian Dollar

Facts about Fiji 3: Major industries in Fiji

Tourism and sugar are major industries in Fiji, followed by clothing, silver, lumber, and copra. Whereas gold, molasses, garments, fish, coconut oil, and timber belong to exports.

Facts about Fiji 4: Popular food from Fiji

There are many popular food from Fiji, such as Lovo, Kokoda, and Duruka. Lovo is a kind of mixed fish, meat, and vegetables cooked with banana leaves and coconut shells. They use pit for cooking. Whereas Kokoda is raw fish or marinated meats dipped in coconut cream and lime. Then, Durhuka (popular vegetable) is used in Fijian dishes.

Facts about Fiji 5: The most popular sport in Fiji

The most popular sport in Fiji is Rugby Union, followed by football or soccer, rugby league, and rugby 7’s.

Facts about Fiji 6: Religions

Christian, Hindu, and Muslim are religions for Fijians.

Facts about Fiji 7: The chief

Don not try to wear hats and sunglasses in Fijian villages or touch the top of the head of the chief because it is sacred. Besides, hats and sunglasses only can be worn by the chief.

Facts about Fiji 8: Festivals in Fiji

National Youth Day 22nd March, Fiji Day (Celebration of independence) 10th October, New Year, Easter, and Christmas are the festivals in Fiji. Besides, there is traditional game in the new year, called veicaqe moli or “kick the orange.” Only women who join that game to celebrate New Year.

Fiji Cava Ceremony
Fiji Cava Ceremony

Facts about Fiji 9: Lapita people

Lapita people is the original settlers of Fiji. They came to the Fiji islands around 3000 years ago.

Facts about Fiji 10: Kava or Yaqona

Traditional and national drink in Fiji is Kava or Yaqona. Powdered root and pepper are the ingredients to make it. Then, mixed with water in the tanoa (traditonal bowl). Besides, it has many benefits for health problems such as  headaches, insomnia, stress, and also anxiety.

Kava (traditional drink)
Kava (traditional drink)


We have talked Facts about Fiji. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about Fiji? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Fiji. Enjoy reading.

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