10 Interesting Facts about Fennec Foxes

The unique species of fox will be explained on Facts about Fennec Foxes. Fennec Fox is also called as Vulpes zerda. It is the smallest fox species in the world. The weight is around 1.5 kilograms (3.5 pounds) and the length reaches 35 – 40 centimetres (14 – 16 inches). Although, they have small body but they can jump easily (2-4 feet high). The distances of 120 cm can also be reached by Fennec Fox. Besides, they can be found in Sahara Desert of North Africa. Here are ten interesting facts about Fennec Foxes.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 1: Characteristics

Long ears, thick fur, black tipped tail, sharp and curved claws are the characteristics of Fennec Foxes. Each part of the body has many benefit for them, such as tail or sweeps that help them to warm their nose and feet while sleeping, thick fur help them to camouflage easily, and claws help them to dig their burrows.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 2: Multi-purposes ears

As we know that Fennec Fox has long, sensitive ears (6 inches or 15 centimeters). The moving of insects (beetles, locust) and bugs under the sand can be heard by them. Besides, their ears also keep the Foxes cool in the desert heat. That is why they are not just for listening, but they are multi-purposes ears.

The ears of Fennec Fox
The ears of Fennec Fox

Facts about Fennec Foxes 3: Furry feet

All of the body of Fennec Foxes have thick fur, epecially on their soles. It aimed to protect them from the hot sand. The thick fur also help them to maneuver dunes and loose sand.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 4: Family life

One litter of 2-5 pups per year are produced by a couple. A baby will stay with the family until 9 months old (their maturity). Mate will take care and over protective of his babies and mate. The babies of fennec fox are called as kits. The life span of fennec fox is around 14 years (in the wild) and 14 years (in captivity).

Facts about Fennec Foxes 5: Names of Fennec Foxes

There are different names between male, female, young or baby fox, and group of foxes. As we know that young foxes (babies) are called as kits. Skulk or leash are the names of foxes’ group. Besides, female fox is known as vixen and reynard for male fox.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 6: Never needs water

As we know that water is very important to our lives. However, it is not happened with fennec fox. They never need water and can live without water for long periods of time. Although water can be got from roots, leaves, fruits, etc.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 7: Hunters of Fennec Foxes

The Fennec Foxes have beautiful color (cream with black tipped tails). That is why many people hunt them, especially for their furs.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 8: Noctural

The Fennec Foxes are noctural. It means that they live, play, and seek prey at night. That is why if you see Fennec Foxes in the day, they always sleep.

Noctural animal
Noctural animal

Facts about Fennec Foxes 9: Diet

Fennec Foxes are omnivores. They eat both plants (grasses, berries, fruits and roots,) and meat (reptiles, eggs, insects, mice, small birds, lizards, and rodents).

Facts about Fennec Foxes 10: Social Life

Fennec foxes have high social life. They live in the underground dens with their family, live in groups with their neighbour and enjoy to play together.

Social life
Social life


We have talked facts about Fennec Foxes. Do you know other facts about Fennec Foxes?




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