10 Interesting Facts about Fencing

Sport that need sword to do it will be explained on Facts about Fencing. There are two player and also a referee in this sport. The former fencers are Theodor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Besides, the founder of the modern Olympics Games (Baron Pierre de Coubertin) was a fencer. Since 1898, fencing belonged to the modern olympic games. Foil, epee, and sabre are three type of swords. One by one will be explained below.

Facts about Fancing 1: Foil

Foil was used as a practice weapon in the mid 17th century. The length of foils is about 35 inches and 16 ounches weight. Thin, light, and flexible blade are the characteristics of sword. Hitting the target area (the torso) with the tip of the blade will make the player win the competition.

Facts about Fancing 2: Epee

Actually, Eppe is more modern, heavier, stiffer bladeand larger bell guard (to protect the hand) than foil. The entire body is the target area to score a hit. A push button on the tip of the blade is used for modern electric scoring and it was invented in 1936. The length is same as the foil. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was used for actual dueling in Western Europe. They used foil while trained and epee while fought.

An epee fencer
An epee fencer

Facts about Fancing 3: Sabre

Sabre is the third sword after foil and eppe. The weight is same as the foil. Cutting weapon, curved guard, and a triangular blade are the characteristics of Sabre. It also used modern electric scoring same as the Eppe. Hitting the body from waist up to the head (except hands) with the tip or the edge of blade can make a score.

Facts about Fancing 4: The uniform

Mask, short pants, jacket, underarm protector, chest protector (for women) and socks are the outfit that they wore. It aimed to avoid injury such as cover legs (socks). All of them was called as whites, because touches with the tip of blade (a piece of cotton dripped in ink ) will be recorded before the advent of modern electronic scoring.

Fencing uniform
Fencing uniform

Facts about Fancing 5: Famous Fencers

There are many famous fencers with different swords, including the lead singer of Iron maiden (Bruce Dickinson-foil), entertainer (Neil Diamond-sabre), movie star (Jerry O’Connell-sabre), Andrew Jackson, and George Patton .

Facts about Fancing 6: The rules of the game

Focus and speed are needed in the matches of fence. There are three rounds (three minutes each) or reaches 15 hits (scores) in the individual fencing contests and nine rounds or get 45 hits in the team events.

Facts about Fancing 7: Confrerie de Saint-Michel

Confrerie de Saint-Michel is the oldest fencing club in the world. In 1613, Ghent, Belgium, it was established and still held in 17th century tower.

Facts about Fancing 8: The tip of the sword

The first fastest moving object in Olympic sport is the marksman’s bullet and the second is the tip of the fencing sword based on the survey of U.S. News and World Report.

Fencing swords
Fencing swords

Facts about Fancing 9: Good Sport

As we know that all of the body will move while doing fence. That is why fencing is challenging, fun, and good exercise for the players.

Facts about Fancing 10: Strip

Strip is the area of fencing competition. Long and narrow are the area of modern fencing with the fourteen meters and two meters wide.

Fencing strip
Fencing strip


We have talked facts about fencing. Do you know other facts about fencing?

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