10 Interesting Facts about Females

Facts about Female will inform you about female habits. As we know that something in the world is aimed to be related to each other. For example, sky and earth, day and night, men and women. Although, they are different, yet they need another one. In this article, we are going to talk especially about females. Here are ten interesting facts about females and Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

Facts about Females 1: Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that women expected after marriage. There are some habits during pregnancy for woman, such as craving for food or non food. It is natural for women and usually called as pica. Besides, during the pregnancy one woman dies every 90 seconds.


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Facts about Females 2: Taller and shorter women

According to a study, taller and shorter women have negative impact for them. Taller women are usually get cancer, whereas shorter women get shorter pregnancies.

Tall woman
Tall woman

Facts about Females 3: Heartbeat

Falling in love make our hearts beat so fast. However, hearts of women beat faster than men’s hearts.

Facts about Females 4: Fussy

Women is fussy than men. Because women have two-word centres to controll their speech. That is why they can speak 20,000 words than the average man.

Facts about Females 5: Menstruation

Menstruation is a monthly bleeding of women. Approximately, more over 4 years women get menstruation. During menstruation, women will easily to be angry.

Facts about Females 6: The differences between men and women

Actually there are many differences between men and women. Especially about what they are thinking. As we know that women think use heart while men use logic. That is why women often cry (30 and 64 times a year) than men (6 and 17 times). Cry is needed for women because they will express sad or happy moment through cry. They do not like to cry alone, so they need someone to accompany them.

Facts about Females 7: Flexible neck

Women have flexible neck than men. They can turn their head easily, whereas men need whole corpus to do it.

Facts about Females 8: Shopping

Shopping is one of the favorite activity for women. They can waste their time only for shopping. Sale is a word that can make women quickly to go to the mall. Besides, bargain also the skill that women have. Shoes, bags, makeup are the goods that usually women bought. Although, they have them at their home. Look appearances is very important for women. They think about it 9 times a day, especially what they wear (clothes). Almost all of the women in the world said that they did not have clothes to wear, although there are many clothes in their racks.

Favorite activity for women (shopping)
Favorite activity for women (shopping)

Facts about Females 9: The weight

Woman always want to be perfect. They want to have bright skin, ideal body, etc. That is why they are insecure when they are fat.

Facts about Females 10: How do I look?

“How do I look?” is the question that often women asked. They will ask about their appearance. For example, “Am I fat?”, “Am I beautiful?”, etc. Unfortunately, women do not like an honest answer. They will angry if we talk honestly. However, if we talk untruth. They will deny it.

The ideal female body
The ideal female body


We have talked facts about females. Do you know other interesting facts about females?



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