10 Interesting Facts about Farts

The bad smell of gas will be explained on Facts about Farts. Flatus is the other name of fart. Farts are caused by air that enter to your digestive system while you are swallowing, chewing, or drinking. The fart contains of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and methane. For a day, it is around 14 times the people will farts. The other interesting facts about farts will be shown below.

Facts about Farts 1: The sound of farts

There are many variety of fart sounds. Amount of gas is one of the reason why the sound of all farts are different. Besides, the tightness of the muscles and the force of gas are also the reasons.

Facts about Farts 2: Foods that caused smellier farts

Some food like eggs, meat, beans, garlic, dairy products, and high-fiber foods are rich in sulfur. That is why that food make stinkier farts.

Food that caused smellier farts
Food that caused smellier farts

Facts about Farts 3: Holding in farts is not dangerous

For health, holding  in farts is not dangerous. However, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms like cramps, pain, and hemorrhoids.

Facts about Farts 4: Farts for some cultures

There are many unique cultures of farts. Yanomami is an Indian tribe in South America that used fart as a greeting and fart-smeller is used to get a job in China. Besides, break wind at banquets can make people passed a law in ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius. Because they believe that holding fart is bad for health.

Facts about Farts 5: Hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is the main gas that make the farts stink.

Facts about Farts 6: Inhaling farts

There are many advantages of inhaling farts, especially for our health. Cancer, stroke, heart attacks, and dementia can be averted by inhaling fart because it consists of hydrogen sulfide.

Facts about Farts 7: Rectal catheter

Rectal catheter is a tool that can be used to measure farts (the volume of gas) by push a tube up into poop of the patient. Additionally, the speed of fart is 10 feet per second.

Facts about Farts 8: Farts are flammable

Hydrogen and methane are the gas that make the farts are highly flammable. Don’t try this, because it is very dangerous.

Farts are flammable
Farts are flammable

Facts about Farts 9: The other name of fart

Although fart belongs to vulgar word, yet it is used since 1632. Fart is obtained from “feortan” (the Old English word), which means “to break wind”. Besides, it also has polite word, that is “flatus” (never used).

Facts about Farts 10: Women produce more flatulence than men

In fact, women produce more flatulence than men. Although both of them eat the same food. It was proved by a study that do survey. Besides, women farts have high hydrogen sulfide. That is why women farts are smellier than men farts.

Women produce more flatulence than men
Women produce more flatulence than men


We have talked facts about farts. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have other facts about farts? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about farts. Enjoy reading.

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