10 Interesting Facts about Farming

Facts about Farming will present the information about farm, farmer, and plant that they grew or animals that they raised. As we know that animals and plants that people eat were produced by farms. Besides, food is important for life and we need farmers to suffice our food. They work all a day long for planting, growing, and harvesting seasons. They also have to plan about the packaging, storing, marketing and repairing machinery.


Nowadays, there are plenty of tools you can use to make straight accurate rows in your garden with a tractor, you juts need to find the right tractor implements for making rows without any trouble. Here are ten interesting facts about farming.

Facts about Farming 1: The other name of farm

“Ferme” (the Old French word) which means “rent, lease,” and “Firmare” (Latin) means “to fix, settle, confirm, strengthen” are the other names of “farm”.

Facts about Farming 2: Pigs

Pigs belong to a common farm animal, the fourth most intelligent animal, and the fastest animal. They can run around 11 miles per hour. They also have name of their group, called a sounder.

Pigs farm
Pigs farm

Facts about Farming 3: The crops of farmers

Food, feed, and fiber were produced by farmers in 1950. Recently, they produce 262% more food and process the food into fuel such as diesel fuel (from soybean oil) and ethanol (from corn).

Facts about Farming 4: The first fruit crop (Banana)

After wheat, corn, and rice, bananas become the fourth largest overall crop and the first fruit crop in the world. The four top producers of bananas are India, Philippines, China, and Ecuador.

Banana farm
Banana farm

Facts about Farming 5: The factory pollution

There are many animals in the factory farms such as pigs, chickens, and cows. Sometimes, bad smell spread around there and make pollution in the factory. It can cause respiratory distress, nausea, and headaches.

Facts about Farming 6: The cleanest animals in the farms (Goat)

The cleanest animals in the farms are goats. They are different with chickens, dogs, and cows. Goats did not want to eat dirty food that has been on the ground or contaminated. They also become the first animal that easy to be domesticated.

Goat farming
Goat farming

Facts about Farming 7: Modern electronic (Computer)

In the past, modern electronic is not used by farmer. However, farmers today need computers to operate a farm such as inventory records and financial problem.

Facts about Farming 8: Apples

There are many kinds of apples that grow in the world. It is around 6,000 apples. China is the biggest producer of apples, followed by Iran, United States, Italy, Turkey, India, and Russia.

Apple farm
Apple farm

Facts about Farming 9: Livestock farmers

Approximately, 1.3 billion people work in the livestock to take care and feed the animals. The good condition and clean farm buildings should be kept in order to make the animals healthy. The animals should also be given high-quality livestock feeds like the ones found at Dengie Farm Feeds.

Facts about Farming 10: Modern equipment

Mules and horses were changed with modern equipment like tractors in 1954. Farmers use tractors to make them easier for plowing, mowing, planting, harvesting, cultivating, and moving soil. If your tractor needs some replacement parts, sites like https://southern-global.com/ may be the number one source for compact tractor parts and foreign tractor parts.

Farm tractor
Farm tractor


We have talked facts about farming. Do you know other facts about farming? Are you interested to read this article? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more facts about farming. Enjoy reading.



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