10 Interesting Facts about Fair Trade

Facts about Fair Trade will inform you about the better prices for workers and farmers. It aimed to give the fair price for them, improve their conditions, and develop their countries. In 1992, the Fairtrade Foundation was formed and  introduced in 1994 (Fairtrade Mark). Especially for the poorer countries, it will be benefit to apply Fairtrade Mark for their products. Because poor conditions and low income usually happened in their trade. Here are ten interesting facts about Fair Trade.

Facts about Fair Trade 1: FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations)

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) regulated the certification and labelling system. If you want reliable labelling services link to buy it at GMPLabeling to help identify the product. In Bonn, Germany, it was established and help the consumers to  identify the labelled and unlabelled goods.

Facts about Fair Trade 2: Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate

Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate bar (made by Green and Blacks) is the first Fairtrade certified product that was launched in 1994. It is a kind of dark chocolate that has nutmeg, a twist of orange, a hint of vanilla, and cinnamon.

Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate
Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate

Facts about Fair Trade 3: Fairtrade in the United Kingdom

There are Fairtrade Churches (4,000), Fairtrade Universities (60), Fairtrade Synagogues (37), and Fairtrade Towns (320), in the United Kingdom. The first Fairtrade Town in the world is Garstang, UK. Besides, the products with the Fairtrade Mark were sold around 4,500 in the UK. Especially hot drink with Fairtrade Mark was consumed by UK consumers more than 8m.

Facts about Fair Trade 4: Farmers and Workers

Approximately, 1.4 million farmers and workers involved in the Fairtrade and 25 percent are women. They work to produce products of Fairtrade, including food and non-food items. They also have to select the products before classify as Fairtrade.

Facts about Fair Trade 5: Free Market

Many people thought that Free Market is the negative effect of Fairtrade. Because they sold the products based on the demand and supply.

Facts about Fair Trade 6: The Fairtrade Foundation

As we know that there are many benefits of Fairtrade Foundation. Appreciating the work of workers and farmers is one of the example. Besides, if we buy the products with Fairtrade Mark, it will help the societies where they came from.

Facts about Fair Trade 7: The reasons why you should buy Fairtrade products

There are many advantages of buying Fairtrade products. You will get high-quality products, help children to get education, and make better working conditions for the farmers and workers.

Facts about Fair Trade 8: Fairtrade Mark

Fairtrade products is symbolized with Fairtrade Mark. Sometimes, it is called as the “Fairtrade logo”. The blue color symbolises optimism and growth is symbolized with green color.

Fairtrade Mark
Fairtrade Mark

Facts about Fair Trade 9: Fair Labour

In addittion, Fairtrade also think about the labours (workers and farmers). They treated them very well and gave the education for their children. Suitable conditions in the place of works were also thought by Fairtrade.

Facts about Fair Trade 10: Fairtrade Product

Fairtrade product is usually stuck by Fairtrade sticker. As we know that Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate is the first certified product, followed by coffee, cotton, tea, vanilla, sugar, honey, gold and silver, bean sprouts, flowers, peanuts and fruits (banana, mangoes, grape, and pineapples). Buying Fairtrade products will help farmers around the world.

Fairtrade products
Fairtrade products


We have talked facts about Fair Trade. Do you know other facts about Fair Trade?

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