10 Interesting Facts about Facebook

We are going to talk about the largest social network in the world. It will be explained on Facts about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner or creator of Facebook. He created Facebook in 2004 and was known as the youngest billionaire in the world. Besides, there are many advantages of Facebook. We can use Facebook to connect with the people in the different country, especially our family and friends. We can also share our photo, video and messages. Here are ten interesting facts about Facebook.

Facts about Facebook 1: The blue color of Facebook

Red-green color blindness is suffered by Mark Zuckerberg. That is why the primary color of  Facebook is blue. Zuckerberg said that the richest color for him was blue.

Facts about Facebook 2: The “Like” button on Facebook

As we that there is “Like” button on Facebook with “Thumb” symbol. Originally, the first idea of the button is “Awesome” button. The idea was made by Andrew Bosworth (Facebook engineer) and other engineers. Unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg rejected that idea and decided to change the “Awesome” button became the “Like” button.The “Like” button on Facebook

The “Like” button on Facebook

Facts about Facebook 3: The minimum age of Facebook users

Actually, children can consume the online media at 8 years old. Here, Facebook targeted the minimum age of Facebook users is 13 years old. However, there are many children with under the age 10 years old have joined with Facebook. Because of that, Facebook allowed children to have account, but parents have to control their children while using Facebook.

Facts about Facebook 4: The charity

As we know that the profit of Facebook is high. That’s why in 2013, around US$1 billion was donated by Mark Zuckerberg to the charity. It makes him became the biggest charitable donor in United States.

Facts about Facebook 5: Steve Chen

As we know that Steve Chen is a founder of YouTube. However, he ever worked for Facebook just for a weeks.

Facts about Facebook 6: Facebook in China

Since 2009, China has blocked Facebook, The New York Times, and Twitter. However, there are around 95 million people in China still used Facebook.

Facts about Facebook 7: Free account

Facebook is known as free account. That’s why Facebook was used by people around the world. Besides, Facebook users can change their photo in profiles picture. They can also share information as they want. The name of their profiles is usually nickname or sometimes real name.

Facts about Facebook 8: Facebook income

The income of Facebook is around US$5.85 from United States users.

Facebook Income
Facebook Income

Facts about Facebook 9: Disadvantage of Facebook

Almost all of the people in the world have Facebook account. They can use facebook for connect to their family and friend. Unfortunately, strange people often use Facebook for crime. On Facebook, they murder people with some reasons. Aprroximately, 30 million people died on Facebook.

Facts about Facebook 10: Al Pacino

The first “face” on Facebook was Al Pacino. In 2004, there was a man’s face on header image behind binary code. We suggested that the photo was Mark Zuckerberg, but it’s totally wrong. Andrew McCollum (Zuckerberg’s friend) designed the header and logo of Facebook. He is the first Facebook designer who decided to create image of Al Pacino on Facebook.

Al Pacino on Facebook
Al Pacino on Facebook


We have talked facts about Facebook. Do you know other facts about Facebook?

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