10 Interesting Facts about Edward Hargraves

Have you remembered about gold rush? Yup, a gold prospector who  starting the Australian gold rush will be explained on Facts about Edward Hargraves. He was also known as Edward Hammond Hargravesh. He was born on October 7, 1816 in Gosport, Hampshire, England. Edward Hargraves was also a sailor, shopkeeper, and adventurer. California was the first country where he started to find gold. Unfortunately, he was not success. Then, he visited Blue Mountains, Sydney to look for gold and he could find it in 1851. After that, the gold rush made Australia became popular. Here are ten interesting facts about Edward Hargraves.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 1: Early life

Hargraves studied at Brighton Grammar School in England and Lewes. He travelled to Sydney, Australia and arrived at there in 1832. Collecting tortoise shells was his job at Bathurst.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 2: His family

Lieutenant John Edward Hargraves and Elizabeth Nee Whitcombe are parents of Edward Hammond Hargraves. He was the third son of them.

Edward Hommand Hargraves

Facts about Edward Hargraves 3: Broke

As we know that Hargraves was rich and famous. He had luxurious life. However, around 1860 he became broke and poor due to he lived lavishly. Then, he asked government of Australia to help his financial situation. However, no one gave him money.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 4: His book

His book was “Australia and its Gold Fields” and published in 1855. The book told about the Australian colonies in the historical description.

"Australia and its Gold Fields", the book of Edward Hargraves
“Australia and its Gold Fields”, the book of Edward Hargraves

Facts about Edward Hargraves 5: Queen Victoria

Edward Hargraves went to England between 1853-1854. At that time, he met Queen Victoria and started to write the book of “Australia and its Gold Fields”.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 6: Marriage

Edwars Hargraves married with Elizabeth Mackie Hargraves in 1836 in Sydney. They had five children (two sons and three daughters).

Facts about Edward Hargraves 7: Achievements

There were many achievements which was reached by Edward Hargraves, such as started the gold rush due to found gold in Australia, appointed Commissioner of Crown Land, and got rewarded £10000 from the government. That is why he became famous due to his discoveries. He also got an expensive gift such as tea set, from the people of Bathurst.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 8: The important one

As we know that Edward Hargraves was very important for Austrlia due to he could build up the economic and social fabric of them by bringing them in the Californian rush to Australia.

Edward Hargraves and his discovery
Edward Hargraves and his discovery

Facts about Edward Hargraves 9: His Death

Edward Hargraves was died on October 29, 1891 in Sydney when he was 75 years old. He was buried at the Waverley Cemetery in Anglican section.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 10: Goldfield ophir

Edward Hargraves was called as Goldfield ophir due to he found gold on February 12, 1851 at Summer Hills Creek.

Goldfield ophir
Goldfield ophir

We have talked facts about Edward Hargraves. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about him? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about Edward Hargraves. Enjoy reading.

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