10 Interesting Facts about Edvard Grieg

Have you ever about Edvard Grieg? Do you know who is he? Facts about Edvard Grieg will inform you about the great composer and pianist. He was born on June 15, 1843 and died on September 4, 1907 at the age of 64 in Bergen, Norway. Romantic period composers was led by him. That is why he become famous. Here are ten interesting facts about Edward Grieg.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 1: Family

Alexander Grieg and Gesine Judhite Hangerup are the parents of Edvard Grieg. His father is a merchant. He is also a vice consul. Whereas his mother is a music teacher.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 2: His first music teacher

Grieg’s mother named Gesine Judhite Hangerup is a painist. She is also the first music teacher of Grieg. It means that the successful of his career due to his mother.

His first music teacher, Gesine Judhite Hangerup
His first music teacher, Gesine Judhite Hangerup

Facts about Edvard Grieg 3: Education

Tanks Upper School, the N.P.S Tanks School, and Norwegian Private School are several school where Edvard Grieg studied.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 4: Marriage

Grieg married with a singer, Nana (his cousin) and got a child named Alexandra. Unfortunately, Alexandra died when she was 13 months due to ill.

Edvard Grieg and his wife, Nina Grieg
Edvard Grieg and his wife, Nina Grieg

Facts about Edvard Grieg 5: School

As we know that many children have their own characteristics. Most of them likes school and another one hates it. Grieg is one of child who hates school. The reason why he did not like it because his teacher was too strict. That is why he always skip the class. Besides, he also has a genius idea to do it.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 6: Lucky frog

Lucky frog is one of the small dolls of Grieg. He believed that by rubbing his lucky frog before his performance will make him to be lucky.

Grieg's lucky frog
Grieg’s lucky frog

Facts about Edvard Grieg 7: Genius and Creative

As we know that Grieg is a genius and creative person. A musical picture was painted of the landscape by him is one of the evidence.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 8: Grieg and Einsten

If we see the picture of Grieg and Einstein. We will find the difficulties to differentiate them due to they have similar appearance.

Edvard Grieg and Albert Einstein
Edvard Grieg and Albert Einstein

Facts about Edvard Grieg 9: Health problem of Grieg

Grieg got many illness, including tuberculosis, lung diseases, and pleurisy.

Facts about Edvard Grieg 10: Back to the city

What is Copenhagen known for? Copenhagen, Denmark is a place where Grieg and his wife lived. However, they back to the Norway in 1885 and build a cabin in a villa. Troldhaugen is the name of the cabin which means “Hill of the Mountain Men”. The mountain and a fjord can be seen from the cabin. Besides, the greatest compositions was wrote by him at there.

Troldhaugen home of Edvard Grieg or Hill of the Mountain Men
Troldhaugen home of Edvard Grieg or Hill of the Mountain Men

We have talked facts about Edvard Grieg. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about Edvard Grieg? Hopefully, this article will help you to knoe more about Edvard Grieg. Enjoy reading.

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