10 Interesting Facts about Dessert Tortoise

There are Facts about Dessert Tortoise that are interesting,but first of all lets just see the basics about dessert tortoise.First of all, i would like to remind you all the different between tortoise and turtle.Tortoise live in land while turtle lives in water.and now about,dessert tortoise,they have two species which are Gopherus Agassizii and Gopherus Moravkai.The first one live in the dessert of Mojave and Sonoran in USA.The second one live in the NOrthwestern Mexico.Now,here  are 10 Facts about Dessert Tortoise.


Facts about Dessert Tortoise 1:How Dessert Tortoise live

Desesrt Tortoise live in the burrows, rock shelters, and pallets in order to regulate their body temperature and water loss..The Burrows where they lives are share with other animals such as squirrels,woodrats,rattle snake and other.they spend most of their lifetime in burrows.This tortoise hibernate around October to March.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 2:Dessert Tortoise Reproduction

                              Dessert Tortoise Egg

The female dessrt tortoise does not really reproduce until they are 13 to 20 years old.Female dessrt tortoise can keep sperm and lay eggs for 20 years after mating for just one time with male desse

rt tortoise.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 3:Dessert Tortoise Lifespan

Dessert tortoise can life up to 50 years,which is varies between 50 to 80 years old.Although they have long lifespan theie hatcthling survival rate to one year age is only about 50 to 70 percent.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 4:Dessert Tortoise Predators

This tortoises are surely not on the top of the food chain.The adults are being hunted by coyote, kite foxes and others.While the egg and the juveniles are the prey of fire ants,gila monsters, and others.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 5:Dessert Tortoise Diet

Dessert Tortoise is a herbivore animal.They feed on safe grasses, weeds,vegetables, and moist fruits.They can live without food for up to 3 yeras in the wild.they can survive at up 140 Celcius temperature.


Facts about Dessert Tortoise 6:Considered as Endangered Species

                                    dessert  Tortoise


Dessert tortoise population are rapidly decreasing over time, regardless their long lifespan and nomerous egg they produce.So So according US government law, it is prohibited to hunt or keep them as pet.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 7:Desease

One of  major reason their decreasing population is the desease.The most common desease is the upper respiratory desease and the Cutaneous Diskeratonesis. The Cutaneous desease is a shell desease which is still a mystery up until now.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 8:Dessert Tortoise Sleeping Habits

During summer days these animal show up early in the day and spend most time in burrows in the daylight.they sleeps around 18 hours per day..They dont emerges at night since they are not a nocturnal animal.

Facts about Dessert Tortoise 9:Dessert Tortoise Anatomy and Senses

Dessert Tortoise shell are made of keratin.Dessert Tortoise has familliar organs like lungs,kidneys,and others.They can hold their breath for a long time.They have well developed five sense,unlike snake which is mostly have low visibilty.


Facts about Dessert Tortoise 10:Dessert Tortoise Conservation


              Dessert Tortoise


As we know from the description above,they are currenly need some protection and care.There are some organization in USA which are deling with the conservation of the dessert tortoise, such Joshua National Park in California  And the US Fish and Wildlife Service.The Us Fish and Wildlife Service even have a bureau called  Dessert Tortoise Conservation Center.So if  you are in  US and happen to pass by one,give them a call.So, do you like these 10 Interesting Facts about Dessert Tortoise?


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