10 Interesting Facts about Cardiff

Let`s discuss 10 interesting Facts about Cardiff.Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and its largest city. The eleventh-largest city in the United Kingdom, it is Wales’s chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural institutions and Welsh media, and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales.Cardiff is the county town of the historic county of Glamorgan (and later South Glamorgan). Cardiff is part of the Eurocities network of the largest European cities.


Facts about Cardiff 1:Etymology

Caerdydd (the Welsh name of the city) derives from the earlier Welsh form Caerdyf. The change from -dyf to -dydd shows the colloquial alteration of Welsh f [v] and dd [ð], and was perhaps also driven by folk etymology (dydd is Welsh for ‘day’ whereas *dyf has no obvious meaning)

Facts about Cardiff 2:Origins

                              Cardiff Old Days


People had settled in the area by at least around 6000 BC, during the early Neolithic; about 1,500 years before either Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed.A group of five Bronze Age tumuli is at the summit of the Garth (Welsh: Mynydd y Garth), within the county’s northern boundary.

Facts about Cardiff 3:Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. Located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital, Cardiff Castle’s walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history.

Facts about Cardiff 4: Museum of Welsh Life

                     Museum of Welsh Life


St Fagans is one of Europe’s best open-air museums and Wales’s most popular heritage attraction.The museum opened in 1948 and is home to more than forty original buildings from all over Wales.

Facts about Cardiff 5: Cardiff accent

Cardiff accent, also known as Cardiff English, is the regional accent of English, and a variety of Welsh English, as spoken in and around the city of Cardiff, and is somewhat distinctive in Wales, compared with other Welsh accents.Its pitch is described as somewhat lower than that of Received Pronunciation, whereas its intonation is closer to dialects of England rather than Wales

Facts about Cardiff 6: Llandaff Cathedral

                     Llandaff Cathedral


Llandaff Cathedral is a Christian gathering of the Church in Wales, which is a province of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It is also the seat of the Bishop of Llandaff. The Cathedral is a focus of pilgrimage and spirituality in the Diocese of Llandaff and for the City of Cardiff

Facts about Cardiff 7: Edict of Expulsion

he Edict went public during the week of April 29, 1492. The charter declared that no Jews were permitted to remain within the Spanish kingdom, and Jew who wished to convert was welcome to stay.

Facts about Cardiff 8: Cyncoed Gardens

                 Cyncoed Gardens


The site that became Cyncoed Gardens was acquired by the Council from the Roath Court Estate in 1897 for the construction the following year of a waterworks and reservoir for the Penylan district.

Facts about Cardiff 9:Cardiff Bay

Today, Cardiff Bay attracts both locals and tourists from across the globe to the Welsh capital’s waterfront. Offering an array of attractions and entertainment,

Facts about Cardiff 10: Techniquest



Techniquest is the UK’s longest-established science centre, with a mission to embed science in Welsh culture through interactive engagement.


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