10 Interesting Facts about Cancun Mexico

Facts about Cancun Mexico will give you information about a city in the southeastern Mexico. It is one of the famous tourist destination in Mexico. There are many beautiful views such as beach, coral, park, and many more. Besides, November is the best time for holidays because rainy season is started from June to October. Here are ten interesting facts about Cancun.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 1: The meaning name of Cancun

Actually, there are two meanings of Cancun word. Cancun means “nest of snakes” and “place of the gold snake” in Mayan. However, the second translation is less accepted.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 2: Cancun’s white sand

Crushed coral is material to make white sand of Cancun beach. That’s why it is cool even in the hot weather. So, don’t be afraid to take off your sandals and walk bare feet around the beach.

White sand in the Cancun Beach
White sand in the Cancun Beach

Facts about Cancun Mexico 3: Language

Spanish is the official language of Mexico. As we know that Cancun becomes tourist destination, so everybody usually speak English at there.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 4:  Festivals

There are many festivals at Cancun, including film festivals, Cancun Jazz Festival, Equinox celebrations, and more.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 5: Only three people living in Cancun

There were only three people living in Cancun in January 1970. They were the caretakers of a coconut plantation. However, today’s there are more than 700,00 residents.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 6: Business hours

Business hours in Cancun start from 8 am until 9 pm. Shopping malls are closed between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm, some offices are closed at 2pm to 4 pm, whereas restaurants and bars at the hotel zone are closed at 1:00 am.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 7: Three main areas of Cancun

There are three districts of Cancun. They are Downtown Cancun, the Ecological Reserve, and the Hotel Zone. At the Downtown Cancun, you can find several flea markets and can learn about the locals. Whereas the largest genuine ecosystem can be found at the Ecological Reserve. Besides, you can enjoy many beaches and go to shopping at Hotel Zone.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 8: The Maya Barrier Reef

The Maya Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world. Whereas the largest coral reef is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The Maya Barrier Reef
The Maya Barrier Reef

Facts about Cancun Mexico 9: Customs

There are many customs that should be done at the Cancun International Airport, especilly for the tourist. The first is you have to fill in the form of “Customs Declaration”. The second is the inspection of your luggage if you have anything to declare. But if you don’t have anything to declare, you have to press a “traffic light” button. A red light means “stop for inspection” whereas a green light means “pass without inspection”.

Facts about Cancun Mexico 10: Airport

The second busiest airport in Mexico is Cancun International Airport. Approximately, there were around 800,000 passengers a month. The location is near to the Hotel Zone. It just takes 20 to 30 minutes to go there.

Cancun International Airport
Cancun International Airport


We have talked facts about Cancun Mexico. Do you know other facts about this amazing city? Let us know!

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