10 Interesting Facts about Cal State Fullerton

Have you ever heard interesting Facts about Cal State Fullerton?California State  Univeristy Fullerton is a top public university in California.It is addressed at  800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831.This college enrolled more than 40.000 people each year.It also has complete facilities and advanced technological-based buildings..it has motto Vox,Veritas,Vita which is means; Voice,Truth,Life.Lets check out  10 interesting Facts about Cal State Fullerton.


Facts about Cal State Fullerton 1:History

.Originally, this college was the Orange County State College then the state changed it and moved the site to Fullerton back in 1957.This college change its name several.From Orange State County College to Orange  County College.Then they changed it to California State College at Fullerton.In June 1972 the college name is California State University.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 2:Admission and Enrollment


Acceptance Rate Fullerton


The college has acceptance rate 46% and has  average GPA at 3.63.Both means that this college is really selctive and competitive.

To be enrolled, you need sufficient SAT ttest score and ACT test score.Their average SAt score is 1100 which is considered competitive and ACT score 22 which is considered moderately competitive.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 3:Satellites Campus

The Irvine Center offers mostly upper-division and graduate-level courses in a convenient location for students who live and work in southern Orange County. Other campus satellites include the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Silverado.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 4:Dessert Center Studies

The Desert Studies Center provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to conduct research, receive instruction, and experience the desert environment. With the passage of the California Desert Protection Act of 1994, the Desert Studies Center was placed into the Mojave National Preserve, and the National Park Service became  their federal partner with the signing of a new cooperative agreement.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 5:Tuffy The Titan

in 1959 the students themselves who called their team the Titan.Then in 1962, they held an elephant race which attract a lot of spectator.Since that day, this college has a moscot an elephant and called it ” Tuffy the Titan”.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 6:Fullerton Arboretum


                 Fullerton Arboretum


The Fullerton Arboretum, a 26-acre botanical garden, is located on the northeast corner of campus.The recirculating waterfall, streams and ponds are a focal point for migratory waterfowl and visitors from the University and surrounding communitiesThe Arboretum is an island of serenity in an increasingly metropolitan environment.


Facts about Cal State Fullerton 7:Grand Central Art Center

The City of Santa Ana and California State University, Fullerton formed an innovative relationship in 1993 to create the University’s Grand Central Art Center, located in downtown Santa Ana in the heart of the Artists Village.The center’s 83-seat black-box theater presents lectures, film series, panel discussions and productions by the University’s award-winning Department of Theatre and Dance.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 8:Herbarium

The Fay A. MacFadden Herbarium is named after Fay A. MacFadden, who sold her extensive collection of plants to the University just prior to her death in 1964. The collection now includes more than 25,000 vascular plants, about 12,000 bryophytes and nearly 800 lichen specimens.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 9: Pollak Library

The Pollack library is the center for communication and source of information.The Pollak includes Writing Center, Titan Dreamers Resource Center, and Titan Communication.Titan Communications is the California State University Fullerton’s digital media production center, .While Titan Dreamers Resources Center  provides undocumented students with academic and emotional support,  also information on programs.The Writing Center provides tutoring for students from across campus who are seeking assistance with writing assignments or with improving their writing process in general.

Facts about Cal State Fullerton 10: Notable Alumni



               Kevin Costner


Cal State Fullerton students are considered alumni when they have successfully completed 12 units of credit. The top class veteran actor Kevin Costner and international singer Gwen Stefani are few among those who made succesful life after graduating from this college.


So, do you like these 10 interesting Facts about Cal State Fullerton?

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