10 Interesting Facts about Cal Poly Pomona

Have you ever heard Facts about Cal Poly Pomona?California State Polytechnics University is a public polytechnic university in Pomona, California, US.It is one of the best polytechnic university in US.This university has widely known for helping its students to reach economic success.This university motto is learning by doing and has Billy Bronco as its mascot.Interesting isn`t it?So,lets check out 10 interesting Facts about Cal Poly Pomona.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 1:History

This university was opened on Sept. 15, 1938.with an all-male enrollment of 110 students as the Voorhis Unit of California State Polytechnic College in San Luis Obispo.This university had established for underprivilledge boys and operated based on religious christian principal  It was located on the 150-acre San Dimas site.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 2:Admission

                    Cal Poly Pomona

To enrolled in this University you must have btoh SAT and ACT test.The SAT test score range around 1000 points,while ACT test score around 20 points.This campus has 55% percent acceptance rate, meaning that it is not aesy to be enrolled in this campus.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 3:University Educational Trust

This organization mainly focusing on external fund raising,funds management, and revenue distribution of the University.The interseting part is that this organization has not been appeared for months in IRS Business Masters File.This could be because they have merged with other organization or has been ceased.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 4:Value and Rankings

In 2017, Kiplinger enlisted this campus at number 21 out of 100 public Universities in US.Moreover in 2018, Forbes magazine has ranked this university at 56 out of 300 smost valuable universities.According to Payscale, this campus has 20 years of net return.We can conclude that since it was established in 1938, this campus is a spinning wheel of fortune.


Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 5:LGBT-friendly Campus

The university is one of the best campus for LGBT students.They have set a neutral-gender housing,pride center for LGBT students,and also Pride Alliance for faculty and Staff members.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 6:Rose Parade Float

                Rose Parade Winner 2019

Each year this campus held a festival called the rose parade Float.This parade has been held since 1949 together with Cal Poly Sanit Luis Obispo.This parade has different theme each year.This 2020 their theme is The Power of Hope.The 2019 “Far out frequencies” has won the Extraordinaire award at the event.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 7:Voorhis Vikings

Voorhis Vikings is the name of the athletics club this university had before it was moved out.The members of the club are homeless ande orphaned boys.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 8:Cal Poly Pomona and Billy Bronco

Billy bronco is the mascot of the Cal Poly Pomona University. The name was taken from the prized Arabian horse owned by W.K.Kellogg. Later on the horse is donated to the university.Then it become a symbol of their pride and spirit since then.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 9:Greek Life

Their mission is to provide the fraternities and sororities with educational programs and services that create,promote, and foster a learning community.These community offers quite interesting benefit such as more firneds and more activities,but of course you have got to prepare for the extra time and money to spent on.

Facts about Cal Poly Pomona 10:Alumni

            Forest Whitaker


Poly Pomona University has several top class alumni.such as Walter Ray William Jr,a professional bowler,and also the Academy Award nomination Forest Whitaker.So, do you like these 10 interesting Facts about Cal poly Pomona?

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