10 Interesting Facts about Bugs and Insects

Facts about Bugs and Insects will inform you about arthropods family. They are very important due to become a great part in the world. They also play a main role in keeping our ecosystems healthy and other things,  including enrich soil, break down organic matter, and provide food. Request a quote from Pest Control GTA Exterminator to get rid off them.


The other facts about bugs and insects will be explained below.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 1: Cold blooded animals

Bug and Insect belong to cold blooded animals. It means that their body temperature depend on weather (cold or hot).  Gutters can be cold and damp most of the time and these pests could even be aggressive when defending their territories from your family members, and the weight of their nest can also damage your gutters. check out Gutterilla here.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 2: Parts of body

Head, thorax, and abdomen are three body parts of insects. Besides, they also have six jointed legs and two antennae, Drake Lawn & Pest Control believes in protecting the environment when they’re eradicating pests. They also have an exoskeleton for sensing light, temperature, smell, sound, wind, and pressure. Compound eyes are also had by them, read more about it here.

Body parts of insects
Body parts of insects

Facts about Bugs and Insects 3: The largest and smallest insect in the world

Meganeura (a kind of dragonfly) is the largest insect in the world. Whereas the smallest insect is fairyflies.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 4: Metamorphosis

In the process of metamorphosis of insect, there are four stages. They are egg, larvae or nymph (young insect), pups, and adult.

Metamorphosis of insect
Metamorphosis of insect

Facts about Bugs and Insects 5: Groups of Insect

Approximately, there are 32 groups of insects. Beetle or coleoptera is the largest group of insects. Besides, there are 4 million and 4 distinct suborders of beetles which you can get rid by using Terminix.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 6: Characteristic of Bugs and Insects

As we know that insects have three-part bodies. Whereas bugs have a mouth shaped like a straw called a stylet. They use it for sucking juices from plants, animals or humans just like bed bugs for which we recommend to hire A1 Bed Bug Exterminator | awesomeexterminationservices.com.

Mouthparts on bug

Facts about Bugs and Insects 7: Wings

There are many kind of insect that have wings, except lice, fleas, firebrats, and silverfish. An adult insect has two pairs of wings, but it is hard to be seen. Because their wing is located on top of their backs. If you’re having trouble with insects, rodents, bugs or termites, Pest Masters professional pest control Dromana services can help you deal with all kinds of pests.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 8: Advantages and Disadvantages

As we know that bugs and insects are very annoying and people must get pest control to get rid of them. However, they also have advantages such as pollinate flowers and crops, useful for producing silk, honey, wax, and more. Whereas on the other hand, they carry disease, destroy crops, and become major pest to people and other animals. If there’s plenty of mosquitoes on your property, pest control experts like Skeeter Dave can help.

Major pest
Major pest

Facts about Bugs and Insects 9: Ants and Bees

Ants and Bees belong to insect that live  in colonies or groups. Although insects live independently. You can find bees on every continent except Antarctica. Whereas pheromones are used as chemical signals by ants to leave their trails and communicate with each other.

Facts about Bugs and Insects 10: Diet

Dead plants and animals, seeds, roots, nectar, wood, leaves are the diets of Insects. However, they eat more plants than animal. These pests can sometimes invade your home as well and with services like Bedbugs control service you can get them away through harmless and natural means. Besides, insects also become a main source of food for other animals.


We have talked facts about Bugs and Insects. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about it.

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