10 Interesting Facts about Barbara Mcclintok

There are facts about Barbara Mcclintok.first of all ,Barbara Mcclintok is a scientist  from USA who spent most of her time researching the Indian native.She was born June 16 1902 in Hartford, Connecticut,USA.She wis well known for her work in genetic structure of maize.She is a Philosophy Doctor at  Cornell University, USA.and she died September2 1992 in Huntington, New York, USA at age 90.lets check out these 10 interesting Facts about Barbara Mcclintok.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 1:Origin

Barbara was born and raised in US.Her father ,Thomas Henry Mcclintok was  a family doctor from Brittain.While her mother , sara handy, was a housewife and a poetician.Barbara mother came from upper class family in Boston.Barbara had three siblings and she was the third.Her baptism name was Eleanor, but her parents decided to call her barbara instead.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 2:Early Days

              Barbara Mcclintok Young with Siblings


Barbara didnt get along well with her mother,yet she is close to her father.Barbara personality was quiet and serious.She went to Brooklyn Erasmus High School. Her teacher soon realized her exceptional mind and cleverness, unfortunately her mother didnt like that at all.she wanted her be a normal women and not being a female scientist which at that is considered something really odd.Later on her father stood beside her and let her daughter went collage.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 3:Career And profession

Barbara went to college at the age of 17.She enrolled  at the Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.She was appointed as president of the freshmen class and she even joined a jazz band.Barbara jumped class from undergradute to graduate after her lecturer discovers her ingenousity and passion in genetics filed.Soon after that she was a professor (PhD) in her college.Her enthusiasm in genetics fields led her to focus on studying plants genetics.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 4:Personal life

Barbara Mcclintok 


Barbara Mcclintok enjoyed pursuing her dreams as scientist.She spent almost the rest of her time reseraching and studying plant genetics.Thus, she never marry and had no children at all.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 5:Quotes

Barbara Mcclintok had several interesting quotes.This probably comes from her mother cause her ,mother is a poetician.One of her famous quotes is:”Transposition can provide a means to rapidly reorganize the genome in response to environmental stress. In this sense, mutations produced by transposition are a source of variation to drive the process of evolution.”

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 6:Partnership

Barbara once worked as research assistant of two botanist( Lowell Fitz Randolph and then for Lester W. Sharp) at Cornell University.Then the college decided to make a group of researchers,includes( Marcus Rhoades, future Nobel laureate George Beadle, and Harriet Creighton) to study cytogenetics in maize.This research was a major breakthrough and the result was really amazing.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 7:Origin of Maize

In the year 1957, Barbara was funded by the National Academy of Science to study the genetics attributes of maize in Central America and South America. Then in the 70s, Barbara and her collabolators published the seminal study entitled The Chromosomal Constitution of Races of Maize.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 8:Honor and Recognition

Barbara Mcclintok Nobel Prize


. in the 1959, she was awarded with Kimber Genetics award.And the biggest award is the  Nobel Prize in 1983 for Physiology or Medicine Nobel.She was the first American women to received Nobel prize at that time.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 9:Late years

She spent her late years as a lecturer and researcher.Her work and focus made her decide not to marry nor have children.She died naturally at the age of 90.

Facts about Barbara Mcclintok 10:Legacy


    Barbara Mcclintok biography


After she died, there are some people that made books and wrote her biography, such as  a biography by the science historian Nathaniel C. Comfort‘s The Tangled Field: Barbara McClintock’s Search for the Patterns of Genetic Control.Some others made her a role model for women emancipation cause had single-handedly became one of the brightest  female scientist the world ever known.How is your opinion regarding these 10 interesting Facts about Barbara Mcclintok?

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