10 Interesting Facts about Bali Indonesia

Have you ever visited Bali? The beautiful island with a thousand temples will be explained on Facts about Bali Indonesia. Bali is known for its beautiful views (such as beaches and volcanoes), art and craft, unique tradition and cultures, and friendly people. Besides, there are many tourist who visit Bali to enjoy the view. They also more know about Bali, than Indonesia. Bali is also known as The Paradise Island, The island of Gods, or The last Paradise on Earth. Here are ten interesting facts about Bali Indonesia.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 1: Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut

Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut are the names which is usually had by Balinese. Wayan means first born, Made means second born, Nyoman means third born, and Ketut means fourth born. The names can be applied for girl or boy.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 2: Dolphins

Dolphins belong to beautiful animal. Everybody like to play with dolphin, especially children. There are many kind of dolphins in Lovina, Bali including the Rissos dolphin, spotted dolphin, spinner dolphin, Frasers dolphin, and bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphins at Lovina, Bali
Dolphins at Lovina, Bali

Facts about Bali Indonesia 3: Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is made from civet droppings. The price is around 50 dollars a cup or more. Bali is the mainly island that produce this coffee, followed by Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 4: Nyepi Day

Nyepi day is a unique festival which is celebrated by Balinese. It is also known as silence day. In that time, there is no work, travel, and noises. They stop for doing daily activities but doing meditation seriously.

Nyepi Day
Nyepi Day

Facts about Bali Indonesia 5: Religion

The main religion in Bali is Hinduism. Approximaty, 95% of Balinese follow it. They are also allowed to eat Babi Guling (suckling roast pig). It becomes the popular food in Bali. Besides, Balinese still believe in animistic and dynamistic or unique spiritual life. That is why Hindu in Bali and India are not same.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 6: Flora and Fauna

There are many flora and fauna in Bali. Banyan trees, teak wood trees, palm, bamboo, birds, chicken, cattles, pigs, snake, monkey, iguana, tiger, lizards, and many other can be found at there.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 7: Seasons

As we know that Bali has a tropical climate and has 2 seasons. They are dry season (April to October) and wet season (October to April). In the dry season, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise view at the beach due to it is sunny. Whereas in wet season, there is still sun to enjoy your day in Bali.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 8: Black sand

Bone-white sand is usual in Bali. However, Bali also has black sand volcanic beaches. There are many water activities at there. So, many tourist visit it. The beach also serves a vast scope of adventure and panoramic views. That’s beautiful!

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Facts about Bali Indonesia 9: Volcanoes

There are two active volcanoes, including Mt. Batur (5,600 feet) and Mt. Agung (10,000 feet). They are located in Bangli regency. Mt. Agung is known as the most sacred place on the island and a replica of Mt. Meru.

Facts about Bali Indonesia 10: Balinese Dance

Each country certainly has traditional dance. Likewise, the dances in Bali are important part of the religion and cultures. In every ritual in Bali, dance is always showed.

Balinese dance
Balinese dance

Hopefully, facts about Bali Indonesia will help you to know more about Bali.

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