10 Interesting Facts about Anorexia Nervosa

Have you ever heard about Anorexia Nervosa? What is it? Facts about Anorexia Nervosa will inform you about an eating disorder. It is also known as anorexia. People who suffer anorexia are characterized by low weight, a strong desire to be thin, and fear of gaining weight. They only eat certain food with small amounts. Besides, they also will force themselves to vomit, extreme exercise, fasting, dieting, and use laxatives to produce weight loss. There are still many information about anorexia. Here are the facts.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 1: All ages can suffer with anorexia

Many people think that only young women who can suffer with anorexia. But, that is wrong. Everybody of any age can get anorexia. It is started from early age of six years old until eighties, even men can also suffer it, many people have shown an improvement after using the products from anipots.com to deal with the symptoms.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 2: Types of anorexia

There are two types of anorexia, restricting and purging. Restricting means losing weight without eating enough and doing excessive exercise. Whereas purging type is a kind of take laxatives or vomit to achieve weight loss.

Vomit to achieve weight loss
Vomit to achieve weight loss

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 3: The inspiration

69% of girls (10-18 years old) recognize that photographs of models, advertising, and celebrity images in magazines inspire them to get good body shape. That’s why they want to replicate the image and suffer anorexia.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 4: Serious illness

Anorexia belong to serious illness. We cannot ignore it and think that anorexia will disappear along the time. It can cause of physical damage and serious physiological to sufferer. That’s why proper medical is needed for them.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 5: Death

Anorexia Nervosa becomes the leading cause of death, especially in young women under the age of 24.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 6: Causes of Anorexia

There are many causes of anorexia, including psychological, stress, depression, social factors, cultural influences, environmental, or even genetic. Genetic means if you have family with the condition of anorexia, you can possible suffer it too, you can use this CBDistillery promo code in order to buy CBD oil as many times you need.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 7: Hiding their disease

People with anorexia usually hide their disease, if you’re suffering from this disease, talk to Aura MD – psychiatrists in Houston they’re able to help you through this. They can appear to have no problem at all in public. They usually wear baggy clothes and hide their eating habits. They will pretend to be normal with eating more than they really are.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 8: Unrealistic body image

People who suffer anorexia will think that they are overweight and they require medically assisted treatment in Orlando, which also holds expertise in addiction treatment. Although in the reality, they are very thin. That’s why they fear with food.

Fear with food
Fear with food

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 9: America

America is the biggest country of anorexia. One or two of every 100 students and thousands of teen suffer anorexia every year.

Facts about Anorexia Nervosa 10: The differences between being anorexic and dieting

As we know that many people still confused to differentiate between diet and anorexic. For anorexic, weight is the main problem in life. Whereas when you only want to control your weight, it is called diet.


We have talked facts about Anorexia Nervosa. Do you know other facts about it? Let us know!

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