10 Interesting Facts about Andy Goldsworthy

Have you ever seen a beautiful artwork? Do you know Andy Goldsworthy? Facts about Andy Goldsworthy will inform you about a british scuptor. Andy was born on July 26, 1956 in Cheshire, England. Fredrick Alan Goldworthy is his father and his mother is Muriel Goldworthy. Natural sculptures, environmental, and land art were produced outside by him. It means that his work is temporary. When he was young, he worked as a labourer on farms. Penpot, Scotland is a village where Andy lives and works. The other facts about Andy Goldsworthy will be explained below.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 1: Education

Bradford College is the university where Andy studied fine art in 1974-1975. Whereas, Preston Polytechnic is also place where Andy trained in 1975-1978. Then, he lived in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria after leaving his college. After that, Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, are the next destination of Andy Golfworthy before he stayed at Penpont.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 2: Artwork

Flowers, leaves, ice, snow, mud, grass boulders, pine cones, pebbles, thorns, twigs, and bark are natural materials which are made artwork by Andy Goldsworthy.

One of the example of Andy Goldsworthy artwork
One of the example of Andy Goldsworthy artwork

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 3: Sculpture

As we know that Andy Goldsworthy always uses nature as materials for his sculptures. He never uses modern tools to produce it.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 4: Awards

For his work, Andy Goldsworthy get many awards such as the Yorkshire Arts Awards (1980), North West Arts Award (1979), Northern Arts Award (1981), Northern Arts Bursary (1986), the Scottish Arts Council Award (1987), Northern Electricity Arts Award 1989.

Andy Goldsworthy gained many awards for his work
Andy Goldsworthy gained many awards for his work

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 5: Children

Andy Goldsworthy married Judith Elizabeth Gregson in 1982 ad had four children. They are James, Holly, Anna, and Thomas.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 6: Photographs

As we know that Andy Goldsworthy is also a photographer. Wood, stone, arch, passage, and endosure are his enviromental art photographs which is put on his books.

Stones as Andy Goldsworthy enviromental art photographs
Stones as Andy Goldsworthy enviromental art photographs

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 7: OBE (Order of the British Empire)

In 2000, Andy Goldsworthy got the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from the British government.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 8: Thomas Riedelsheimer

Thomas Riedelsheimer is a director of Andy Goldsworthy documentary. He made a documentary based on Andy Goldsworthy’s life story.

Thomas Riedelsheimer
Thomas Riedelsheimer

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 9: Tina Fiske

Tina Fiske is an art historian and a partner work of sculpture projects with Andy Goldsworthy. They live together after Andy Goldsworthy separated from Judith Elizabeth Gregson.

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 10: The examples of Andy Goldsworthy artwork

There are many beautiful designs of Andy Goldworthy. Rowan leaves laid around hole, Pebbles around hole, Dandelion, Sweet chestnut greenhorn, ice arch, touching north, Yellow elm leaves are a few examples of Andy Goldsworthy artwork.

Rowan leaves laid around hole is one of the example of Andy Goldsworthy artwork
Rowan leaves laid around hole is one of the example of Andy Goldsworthy artwork


We have talked facts about Andy Goldsworthy. Are you interested to read it? Do you know other facts about Andy Goldsworthy? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Andy Goldsworthy. Enjoy reading

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