10 Interesting Facts about Andorra

Facts about Andorra will inform you about a landlocked country which is located in southwestern Europe, eastern Pyrenees mountains. In the Europe, it is also known as the  sixth smallest country. The  capital city of Andorra is Andorra la Vella (the highest capital in Europe). Besides, Principality of Andorra or Principality of the Valleys of Andorra is the official name of Andorra. Here are ten interesting facts about Andorra.

Facts about Andorra 1: Language

Spain, Frence, and Sardinia speak in Catalan. However, the official language in Andorra is Catalan, followed by French, Castilian (Spanish), and Portuguese.  Besides, more than one language can be spoken by Andorran children (multilingual).

Facts about Andorra 2: A center for tourism

There were many reasons why Andorra became a popular destination for tourists and skiers. The first one is their beutiful views, because the location of Andorra in the high of Pyranees Mountains between French and Spanish. Besides, there are two popular ski areas in Andorra, Vallnord and Grand Valira. As we know that the popular sport in Andorra is ski. That’s why the skiers will visit Andorra in the winter. To find the best mens canvas backpacks for travel you need to check out Planet Travelers website, offering great value for money.

Andorra Ski
Andorra Ski

Facts about Andorra 3: Co-principality

Andorra is a co-principality in the world since 13th century. There were two princes who ruled the Andorra, the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell (co-prince). They were elected by people and made the rules or laws of the country.

Facts about Andorra 4: Andorra food

Pork and seafood are very popular food in Andorra. They also like to eat snails.

Andorran food
Andorran food

Facts about Andorra 5: The current economy

International banking, shopping, and tax-free tourism are the most current economy in Andorra.

Facts about Andorra 6: Tobacco

Farming is famous in the Andora citizens. That’s why Andorra produces a lot of tobacco. Cigarette in Andora is cheaper than Frence or Spain, because there is no inheritance tax in Andorra. In public places in Andorra, we can also smoke indoors. It is very different with the other country, especially in Europe.

Tobacco in Andorra
Tobacco in Andorra

Facts about Andorra 7: No army in Andorra

The military of France and Spain protected the Andorra. That’s why there is no army in the country. Sometimes, Andorra men (21 and 60 years old) were asked to defend the country when emergencies happened.

Facts about Andorra 8: Festivals

Dancing, singing, and food are usully held in the festivals. ChamJam Music Festival (held on September) and Escaldes-Engordany International Jazz Festival (held on July) are the big festivals in Andorra (popular festival). In the snowboarding and skiing (winter sporting events), the ChamJam Music Festival was held because it is a kind of a mix of music. Besides, Andorra also celebrated the religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter, St. Lucia Fair, St. John’s Day, and St. George’s day.

Andorra Festivals
Andorra Festivals

Facts about Andorra 9: The longest living country

In the world, Andorra is known as the  third longest living country. Approximately, the Andorra citizen can expect to live until 83 years old.

Facts about Andorra 10: The currency in Andorra

The national currency in Andorra is Euro. Although, Andorra doesn’t belong in the European Union member.

The currency in Andorra
The currency in Andorra

We have talked facts about Andorra. Do you know the other facts about Andorra?

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