10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Sparta

The famous city-state in ancient Greek will be explained on Facts about Ancient Sparta. It was also known as a military state. Brave, powerful, and fierce were the symbol of army or Spartan men. There were social classes in the Spartan society, including the Spartan, the Perioikoi, and the Helot. Each class will be explained below.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 1: The Spartan

Spartan citizen was the top of social classes in the Spartan. Besides, the city of Sparta was formed by them.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 2: The Perioikoi

The perioikoi was also known as free people, because they could do everything such as trade and travel to the other cities. They were not Spartan citizens, yet lived in Spartan lands.

The perioikoi
The perioikoi

Facts about Ancient Sparta 3: The Helot

In Spartan, Helot were slaves or serfs. Helot gave their crops to the Spartans, because the lands that they farmed come from Spartan citizens. Spartans usually beat the helots once a year and forced them to wear clothes from animal skins. They also killed the helot that tried to escape from the Sparta.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 4: Government

The Gerousia and the Assembly are two kings who ruled ancient Sparta. The two kings led the executive branch, the citizens led the legislative branch, and the elders led the judicial branch. Besides, the ephors (a committee of five men) who controlled education process.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 5: Characteristics

As we know that Sparta was known as a city-state in Ancient Greece that has strongest army. Sparta usually determined the people weak or strong was started from baby or the day they were born.  Spartans would kill the weak babies or throw them on the hillside, named the “Apothetae” (the place of rejection). Sometimes, the weak baby became a slave or helot.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 6: Education

Education in Sparta was different from another one. At six years old, children entered to the military school. The school between boys and girls were separated. Fight, lie, kill, and steal were the skills that taught by Spartan to the children.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 7: Customs

As we know that the boys entered to the military school at the age of six. Then, they became soldiers at 20 years old, became citizens at 30 years old, and retired at 60 years old. Boys were forced to be strongest army in the Spartan, whereas girls were pushed to be healthy and produced fit (strong) babies.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 8: Ancient Spartan Food

Honey, milk, cheese, bread, fruit, meat, and fish are the food in Spartan. However, all of the food came from the lands that farmed by the helots (natural food).

The Spartan Diet
The Spartan Diet

Facts about Ancient Sparta 9: Spartan Weddings

Girls usually married when their age around 12 to 15 years old, whereas men were about 25 to 30 years old. There was unique custom in Spartan wedding, such as cutting the hair of wife was believed as a symbol of new life.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 10: Spartan Clothes

A type of tunic (Chiton or Doric) was worn by Spartan citizens. Simple was shown in the Spartan clothing. They wore clothes based on their environmental conditions, such as farming life style. Besides, red color was worn by them at the war.

Spartan Costume
Spartan Costume


We have talked facts about ancient Sparta. Do you know other facts about ancient Sparta?


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