10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Rome

In the 8th century, the civilization was begun on the Italian Peninsula will be explained on Facts about Ancient Rome. The city was found by Romulus and Remus (twin sons of the Mars). However, Romulus was greedy and cruel. He killed his twin (Remus), because he wanted to rule the new city. Finally, he named the city “Rome” and became leader of the city.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 1: Language

The national language of ancient Rome was Latin, followed by Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian. However, they usually spoke Greek.

Facts about Ancient Rome 2: The clothes of Ancient Rome

There were differences clothes between men and women. Toga was used by men and Stole was worn by women. Sometimes, they wore tunics. However, the slaves and foreigner were not allowed to wear togas, only citizens were allowed to wear them. Wool and silk (for wealthy people) were the materials to make clothes.

The clothes of Ancient Rome
The clothes of Ancient Rome

Facts about Ancient  Rome 3: Roman cuisine

Olive oil, honey, wine, and vinegar are the ingredients for cooking and seasoning in the Romans cuisine. They had bread and wine or water for breakfast and salad for lunch. They also consumed pottage, vegetables, pork, moretum (cheese with bread), roasted wild boar, dormice, seafood, and cakes.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 4: Education

The education system in the ancient Rome was very dicipline, serious, and strict. They learned many subjects such as math, speaking, writing, reading, history, and pholosophy.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 5: Roman Houses

There were different names of house in the ancient Rome such as flats (a kind of apartment), tenements, and villas. Flats were used to house of plebeians, workman or unemployed lived in the tenements, whereas villas were occupied by the rich nobles or patricians.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 6: The Roman Republic

During 509 BC to 45 BC, Rome was ruled by the Republic. Julius Caesar was the leader of Roman Republic. It means that the leaders of Rome were elected by the citizen. It is really different with the king, because king was born to be leadership. Besides, their power were shown by conquering the Italy and the population improved significantly.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 7: The Roman Empire

The first Roman Emperor in 27 BC was Caesar Augustus. However, he got difficulties to manage the city of Rome after the Roman Empire grew significantly. Finally, Rome was split into two empires (Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire). The Eastern Roman Empire was also known as Byzantium.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 8: Julius Caesar

As we know that Julius Caesar became the famous Roman figure, especially in the Roman Republic.  Many people loved him because he was extraordinary leader. He could become high priest, high commander of army, and brought positive changes for ancient Rome.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

Facts about Ancient  Rome 9: God and Goddess

The god and goddess in ancient Rome were rather different with another one. Because they have unique names such as a toilet god, a god of excrement, and a sewer goddess.

Facts about Ancient  Rome 10: Saturnalia

Saturnalia is a kind of festival in the ancient Rome. Switching the places between the slaves and their owner was the tradition how to celebrate Saturnalia.

Saturnalia Celebration
Saturnalia Celebration


We have talked facts about ancient Rome. Do you have other facts about ancient Rome?


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